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Article: The details that make the difference

I dettagli che fanno la differenza

The details that make the difference

Each of us's wardrobe is in a certain sense an extension of our personality . This affects the first impression we make on the people we interact with on a daily basis, how we are perceived by the people we work with and, above all, how we feel emotionally. If we then consider the importance of healthy dressing then other factors come into play such as the relationship created between what we wear and the fabrics and their origin . In CasaGIN we are in fact convinced that everything we carry on us transmits more or less positive energy to our body. This is why we don't stop at the appearance of our garments but we pay attention to every detail so that everything that each customer purchases is totally sustainable and environmentally friendly. From eucalyptus to beech wood , from organic cotton to regenerated plastics, we have chosen materials created to promote low environmental impact and make our production as innovative as possible. But we didn't stop there. In fact, we have chosen recycled polyester labels and totally green packaging created with recycled tissue paper.


From slippers to t-shirts, from the technique with which each item is produced to the way it is packaged, taking pride in what we buy can have a positive impact on many areas of our lives . The most important aspect is that the way we present ourselves and our purchasing choices can help improve our personality and give us confidence to walk through life with determination and balance. As silly as it may seem to us, taking care of our appearance, perhaps following an ethical and sustainable approach, can make us all more responsible .

And fortunately we find ourselves living in an era in which it is possible to choose style without neglecting respect for the planet and people. In CasaGIN for example, we have chosen simple clothes but made with sustainable fabrics and through companies where textile work is still a manufacturing art . It all starts from the thought that every choice influences the entire production process. As a company we put sustainability and ethics at the heart of what we do and invest to minimize waste and the environmental footprint we leave behind.

But we are not alone. More and more fashion brands are putting workers and fabrics at the top of their priorities, transforming sustainable fashion into something contemporary, accessible and desirable with products to wear season after season.

Buying cheap clothes, made from synthetic fabrics in poor working conditions, may seem at first glance to be a wise choice from an economic point of view. But this is actually a mistake that can have very important consequences. This system has large environmental effects: producing clothes typically requires the use of a lot of water and chemicals and the emission of significant quantities of greenhouse gases. Reports also continue to emerge that garment factory workers are underpaid and exposed to unsafe, even deadly, working conditions, particularly when handling materials like cotton and leather that require specific craftsmanship. Without improvements in how clothing is made, these problems will grow proportionately as more clothing is produced .

It is therefore increasingly important to shop consciously, paying attention not only to the quantity of what we buy, with the sole aim of having something new to wear on Saturday evening, but also considering the quality of what we bring home. Why this? Because it is important to put emotion in what we select for ourselves and others . The clothes we wear most frequently are chosen by us, with our heart. They are the ones that, in addition to their usefulness, will make us feel and best express who we really are.

It is therefore necessary to follow an emotional approach when we are looking for a new item to wear . Understanding the use we have to make of it, how it was produced, in which area of ​​the planet, with which certifications. This approach would allow us to reduce waste resulting from the purchase of disposable clothing and use what is saved to purchase high-quality, more sustainable and resistant clothing. In this way we will be more emotionally attached to our wardrobe and the life cycle of our clothes will be significantly longer. By listening to our emotions we are able to choose our wardrobe in a more conscious and responsible way, decreasing our impact on the planet .

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