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An organic, genuine and conscious way of life

Sustainability Made in Italy

HI! We are CASAGiN , a team from Padua that wants to demonstrate that every small decision can make a difference and a real change and that everything is possible if it is done with awareness and love.

Do you want to know what our positive impacts were in 2022?

Our 2022 sustainability report is out

2022 was a landmark year for our environmental, social and inclusive initiatives. Thanks to the use of natural and recycled materials, we have managed to carry out our green mission by saving resources and reducing waste.

Our mission: Wellbeing, sustainable.

At CASAGiN we are dedicated to your well-being and the well-being of the environment and community for a more harmonious life.

Discover the CASA GiN world:

Our history

A self-financed women's project

The idea of ​​creating a sustainable clothing brand came to our founder Daniela after working in the fashion industry for over a decade. Dani has worked as a buyer for a variety of luxury brands in Italy, Europe and also China and has therefore experienced first-hand the negative influences of this sector. He wanted to make a difference and wanted to create a brand that could be in harmony with nature and people, not go against them.


Sustainability in our opinion

Living in harmony with nature and people

Living and creating sustainably has been one of our core values ​​since the beginning.
And we are proud to be one of the first Italian underwear and clothing brands to incorporate sustainability into every area of ​​the business.

Our philosophy

“We think that everything around us transmits its energy to us.
People, without a doubt, but also things, those we see, eat, touch… and those we wear.”

But how can an item of clothing convey positive energy and well-being?​​​

Proud to be 100% Made in Italy

A community based on friendship and respect

Being able to produce in an ethical and transparent way and to support our local community and the small artisan factories in our area is one of our greatest satisfactions. Italy is a country full of passion and love and we wanted to be able to convey this energy through our products.


Natural, hypoallergenic and eco-sustainable

Our fabrics

From beech fiber to GOTS organic cotton, from recycled nylon to biodegradable lace: For our well-being and that of our planet, we have chosen to use only entirely eco-friendly fibres, created with natural, renewable and circular raw materials.

Thanks from Team CASA GiN !

A small team can have a big impact!

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