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Recycled PET

Like in nature where everything is transformed and reused

The recycled pet

PET is the plastic that water bottles and other various drinks are made of. It is a plastic made from crude oil and natural gas. Old unused bottles created with these materials, if chemically processed, can be transformed into recycled polyester yarn, one of the most used fibers in fashion. As a clothing fabric it has its advantages: it holds its shape well and is resistant to creases, shrinkage and stretching. We use this yarn in our more technical garments, such as our sportswear, where we are able to obtain excellent resistance performance to rubbing, ensuring a longer life of the product.

Circularity - a new life

PET can be 100% recycled and re-offer new eco-sustainable products with excellent qualities.
It is recyclable without harmful emissions. Recycled PET is environmentally friendly, the company's carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced, for every kilogram of recycled PET up to 3 kg of CO2 are saved.

Once the plastic bottles are collected, they are taken to recycling centers where, after a long process, they are transformed into flakes of such high quality that they can be reused. The benefits of this process in nature are multiple, 50% of energy is saved compared to production on virgin raw materials, during recycling, the fiber created does not lose its properties and can be reused endlessly. It allows us to recover large quantities of waste present on beaches and landfills around the world, thus helping a circular economy.

Recycled fiber clothing

This fabric is becoming increasingly widespread and represents an environmental solution to the waste problem. This is why at CASAGiN we use it for our sportswear line. Thanks to this ingenious system it is possible to reduce the amount of raw materials extractable from the ground and necessary for our growing need for clothes and at the same time divert waste from overflowing landfills which are toxic to the surrounding environment. Recycling PET reduces carbon emissions and the energy needed to turn plastic into a wearable fiber.

This precious yarn is therefore characterized by great resistance, breathability, durability, sustainability and low environmental impact.