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Article: The secrets of dressing well CasaGIN

I segreti del vestire bene CasaGIN

The secrets of dressing well CasaGIN

Respect for people and the environment . The CasaGIN community was born from these two key concepts , inspired by a great love for nature. Today this reality represents a place of harmony and well-being, conceived for those seeking a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. CasaGIN is a dream that came true, taking shape just over two years ago thanks to the idea of ​​Daniela, the founder of the company. It is then that the search for the most suitable fabrics to meet the needs of a market that is increasingly attentive to materials and the well-being of the body begins. And it is at the very beginning of this journey that we discover TENCEL™ Modal, a fabric made from beech wood . Together with TENCEL™ Lyocell, which we have already told you about in a previous article , this fabric is mainly used for clothing in close contact with the skin such as underwear and our loungewear. It is a material of plant origin, with high flexibility and durability . Furthermore, the TENCEL™ Modal that we use for CasaGIN garments is produced by Lenzing AG in Austria. This allows us to guarantee a production process that is sustainable for the environment in which we live.


But let's take a closer look at some of the advantages of this extraordinary fabric with which we produce one of our most successful garments: the CasaGIN turtleneck .

1. TENCEL™ Modal fibers have a high absorption capacity , making the body climate exchange optimal. Its absorbent capacity, 50% higher than cotton, ensures that the skin always remains dry and fresh.

2. Lenzing AG makes the fabric from beech trees that grow using sustainable methods . This means a 10 times higher yield (compared to cotton) for the same surface area used and less use of water for irrigation.

3. TENCEL™ Modal fabric allows you to save water and energy even at home , making it an excellent ecological solution. In fact, being naturally soft and able to counteract bacterial growth, this material does not require washing at high temperatures and it is possible to avoid the use of fabric softeners.

4. The weave of TENCEL™ Modal is very smooth, giving it a characteristic natural softness that is almost unmatched in today's textile industry . It is a versatile material that offers comfort in a variety of conditions.

5. This very soft fiber remains soft even after many washes, without losing the intensity and brightness of the colors , as its smooth surface prevents the deposit of limescale even in the presence of hard water.

6. TENCEL™ Modal fabrics are ironable after washing, like pure cotton. However, it is advisable to use a cloth between the fabric and the iron to avoid burning the fibers.

7. It is a very durable material that does not tear easily . A product with particularly regular fibers with greater tear resistance than cotton.

8. Unlike many other brands, here at CasaGIN we use a very high percentage of TENCEL™ Modal, equal to 92% of the overall composition of the garment , making it a truly unique product in the panorama.

Bottom line, TENCEL™ Modal offers an exceptionally smooth surface with a silky feel, is almost as warm as wool, while being as breathable as linen and more absorbent than cotton . Thanks to these characteristics, combined with the sustainability of the production chain, TENCEL™ Modal is increasingly successful in the world of sustainable fashion. That's why our garments are increasingly sought after by our community of fans and supporters. If we then think about a garment like the turtleneck, created with this exceptional material, we are talking about a timeless garment that everyone should have . To be worn every day, under trench coats or jackets, to be shown off to complete more elegant looks, under blazers or coats, perhaps to be worn instead of jackets and duster coats or simply to be kept at home to ensure a warm evening.

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