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Organic and organic cotton

Nature is great in big things, but it is very great in small things

Organic cotton

Organic cotton clothing is not only more comfortable to wear, but also healthier for the environment.

In organic cotton, only natural raw materials are used which are not subjected to any type of chemical treatment in any of the processing phases, which goes from sowing to the packaging of the garment.

Cotton is one of the most popular fibers in the textile industry. For years praised for its still unbeatable versatility and breathability. But about 20 thousand liters of water are used to produce one kilogram of conventional cotton. Organic cotton, irrigated 80% with rainwater, can significantly reduce the level of water consumption in the textile industry.

Hypoallergenic by nature

The result of CASAGiN cotton cultivation is a 100% natural fabric produced without the use of any chemical substances, such as pesticides or insecticides. In this way the fabric will not cause irritation or allergies for a completely hypoallergenic yarn. The garments are as soft and breathable as those made from conventional cotton. Organic cotton clothing is the ideal solution for an eco-friendly wardrobe. A completely natural and chemical-free fabric, perfect for sensitive skin.

Organic cotton also uses less energy than conventional, produces fewer greenhouse gases and improves soil quality. Organic farming practices mitigate the effects of climate change and carbon emissions, promote biodiversity, improve environmental sustainability and generate a healthier environment.

And there's more: TENCEL™ Modal absorbs moisture more efficiently than conventional materials. This leads to superior levels of breathability and thermoregulation .

The fibers are also highly versatile, leading to a flexibility and longevity that goes beyond that normally offered by a natural fabric.

Beech not only gives the fabrics a soft appearance, but also greater resistance than traditional cotton. When washed in hard water, it does not retain minerals such as limescale and shrinks and discolors much less than cotton.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton

Our cotton is GOTS certified , Global Organic Textile Standard: it is the certification that guarantees the organic origin of the raw material and the lowest possible environmental impact along the entire production chain, with great attention to ethical aspects.

The production of our cotton must comply with many requirements, pesticides, pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers must not be used, only organic fertilizers must be used.

The difference that characterizes this fabric starts from the seeds: the use of genetically modified GMO seeds is prohibited.