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Our history CASA GiN

A self-financed women's project

The idea of ​​creating a sustainable clothing brand came to our founder Daniela after working in the fashion industry for over a decade. Dani has worked as a buyer for a variety of luxury brands in Italy, Europe and also China and has therefore experienced first-hand the negative influences of this sector. He wanted to make a difference and wanted to create a brand that could be in harmony with nature and people, not go against them.

So, at the end of 2017, while still working for an important Italian luxury brand in Milan, Dani started his small home business dedicating his evenings and weekends to this new project. And this is how the CASAGiN brand was born, a completely self-financed female enterprise.

A wellness project

“I wanted to create a brand that could be a source of well-being for the earth and for people”

The name CASAGiN can be divided into two parts. The first part HOME represents the feeling of welcome, tranquility and security that our brand wants to convey: a state of well-being and harmony wherever we are. The second part GiN represents what moves us every day: it is the acronym for Genuine, innovative and Natural.

Dani started with underwear, as it is the first item of clothing in direct contact with one's skin and can therefore convey a unique sensation of well-being.

Here at CASAGiN we believe that the right underwear can make us feel good and feel at HOME all day! We then decided to use the same soft and natural fabrics as CASAGiN underwear to expand the product line to loungewear, pajamas and even some clothing items.


A project of love

Very soon word of mouth started spreading about this new and innovative brand that produces underwear in natural and sustainable fibers and the business started to take off. So much so that Dani was seriously starting to think about leaving his job in Milan to pursue his dream. But she was not alone: ​​Alberto, her boyfriend and accomplice, who at the time managed several restaurants in the Padua area, was ready to undertake this journey with her. So in 2018 they both decided to leave their old lives behind and take a leap into the unknown.

A family project

CASAGiN is a small, close-knit team in which each member has a fundamental role, but the first member of the CASAGiN family is certainly the most special. Because, when the CASAGiN brand was just starting out, little Matilda was born, daughter of Dani and Albi. And it was immediately a big part of the history of CASAGiN, at every fair and even in the headquarters there were now three of them. Four to be precise, because Patrizia, Dani's mother, has always been there to support her in her new life as a mother and female entrepreneur. In fact, Patrizia has another important role in the CASAGiN family: every CASAGiN product, to date, is controlled in terms of quality and hand-packaged by her and no one knows how to do it better or faster!

A project that started from the garage

Being 100% self-financed still today means taking small sustainable steps that will allow us to grow slowly but steadily. We are not on this journey to become an overnight success, but we are here to create something meaningful that lasts. And we have already come a long way. In fact, the first CASAGiN warehouse was Dani's parents' garage and our first location was her old room when she was little. However, they soon were able to afford their first real open space office, which at the time was a big step. (Dani's parents were especially happy with this milestone!) Now, three years later, we were able to move back into a space of almost 400 m2, with separate offices and a huge warehouse. And it was all possible thanks to your support, so thank you!

A successful project

As a team we are small but mighty and have achieved great results in recent years. We were in fact awarded as "Most Innovative Startup of 2019" by the MiT Technology Review of Boston. We have also been able to consistently grow our brand over the years. In fact, today we have over 80 shops in Italy and abroad that sell our products ( find the closest to you ) and we ship our garments all over the world, from Australia to Israel.

But our greatest achievement is being able to spread awareness about environmental and social issues in a loving and nurturing way. We are the best example that small steps and a few people can make a difference and that everything is possible if it is done with awareness and love. We love sharing our genuine, innovative and natural way of life and hope to somehow inspire you to live a little more in harmony with nature, people and yourself!

So thank you for being part of our project and our story!