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Biodegradable nylon

The first biodegradable synthetic fibre

From nature to nature

An essential aspect of living in harmony with nature is creating products that can be easily reintegrated into it: the first CASAGiN fabrics in biodegradable Nylon were born. The vast majority of clothing items end up in landfill due to incorrect management of the disposal of toxic and polluting synthetic products. Added to this is that common synthetic fabrics take almost a hundred years to completely decompose .

We need a new way of thinking , a new way of making fabrics. This is why we have developed our lace collection and some of our sportswear in a special form of polyamide that is fully biodegradable , leaving no toxic chemicals in the environment.

Italian innovation in the textile world

What does biodegradable polyamide mean? It is a polyamide yarn, also known as nylon, with accelerated biodegradability. By adding a natural enzyme into the yarn, the elimination of the fabric is accelerated in an anaerobic environment, without light and without oxygen . The yarn decomposes into organic matter (biomass) and biogas, thus providing a new source of life and energy.

Special yarn technology maintains the durability and quality of garments; the decomposition process only begins when the garment is disposed of and reaches the landfill. This fabric only takes 5 years to be eliminated from the planet , reducing the environmental impact. A new generation of sustainable yarns.

Biodegradable nylon​ - Quality and durability

Our biodegradable nylon fabrics combine not only biodegradability and sustainability but also quality and durability , an essential element in the pursuit of slow and conscious fashion. A garment must last a long time .

Our Italian yarn amazes thanks to the innovation in creation and also thanks to its softness and breathability . An indescribable feeling of lightness that always keeps the skin dry . Furthermore, the characteristics of the yarn guarantee a very high quality dyeing , for a product with bright and deep colours, wash after wash.