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Article: Our sustainability report

Il nostro report sulla sostenibilità

Our sustainability report

Thanks to the use of natural and recycled materials, CasaGIN has managed to carry out its green mission while saving energy. In fact, in 2020 alone, 1,900 kg of CO2, 10 million liters of water were saved and 21 thousand square meters of land were conserved. This was possible through the sale of our garments which during the production phase provide significant savings compared to traditional garments. These are the data that make up our first sustainability report. As we work on lines that will impact the next generation of consumers, it is imperative that we care for the planet that our children will inherit. As such, 2020 was a landmark year for our environmental initiatives. In addition to having drastically lowered CO2 consumption, we have saved millions of liters of water and saved thousands of square meters of land otherwise dedicated to intensive agriculture. This was possible thanks to the use of highly innovative textile fibers such as Tencel Modal (beech fibre), Tencel Lyocell (eucalyptus fibre), GOTS organic cotton and Econyl (regenerated nylon) ; which, if compared to traditional cotton and nylon, generate significant savings.

The main reasons why we chose to draw up a sustainability report are the following:

1. Build and maintain trust : Transparently disclosing information related to non-financial matters improves corporate reputation and brand. We want to show those who follow us how much we care about how our daily operations can influence our environmental impact.

2. Mitigate risk: By collecting and monitoring data on a variety of issues, you can identify and manage risks, thus avoiding costly reactive decisions.

3. Reduce costs: defining a series of objectives guided by the choices of all of you has given us the opportunity to streamline processes and concentrate efforts in those areas with the greatest impact.

4. Increase value: This was done by building sustainability goals and continuous improvement into daily operations. We never stop improving ourselves for a healthier world.


Adopting a new approach to challenges and finding ever better ways to operate is part of CasaGIN's DNA. What sets us apart is our agility in responding to our ever-changing world, our courage to think and do things differently, and our drive to find solutions to build a better future. We call it “opening new horizons” and this is what we want to do every day.

During CasaGIN's first 2 years of operation, this desire to think outside the box led us to implement the use of new and innovative materials and help keep our people close to well-being. But we have also adopted new technologies that have reduced our environmental impacts and made our operations safer. And this has allowed us to find a path forward with our partners and work together to create opportunities beyond our borders.

In addition to producing a sustainability report, 2020 was also the year of social responsibility. In fact, we have launched a line of GOTS organic cotton T-shirts : a project that aimed to guarantee a future for three species particularly at risk, which therefore require our most attentive help. With the purchase of a T-Shirt, CasaGIN has in fact contributed by donating 10% to WWF for the projects to safeguard the Koala, the Polar Bear and the Whale.

It is essential to regularly monitor our commitments and share updates with stakeholders . Data and transparency are important indicators of the progress we are making to protect our planet and all beings, so we will continue to publish reports like this. We hope that being transparent can be a way to better understand how to contribute to a better future. This is why, among the many actions of 2020, we have developed a page dedicated precisely to this: to let all our visitors know who the CasaGIN partners are, strictly made in Italy. Companies capable of guaranteeing their workers healthy, safe and dignified working conditions. Because not only sustainability and social responsibility are important, but also ethics and transparency. In fact, everything we come into contact with transmits its energy to us and we, at CasaGIN, want products created with care and dedication, capable of transmitting the love of those who created them.

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