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Article: The benefits of a vegan, local and organic diet

I benefici di una dieta vegana, locale e biologica

The benefits of a vegan, local and organic diet

The benefits of a vegan, local and organic diet

How (vegan) nutrition can help you live more in harmony with nature and your body

In our pursuit of wellbeing and living more in harmony with nature and people , the vegan diet has always been an important area of ​​interest and research for our team. And while some of us have been vegetarians for many years, for others it is more difficult to approach vegan cuisine.

So, for our team dinner we wanted to immerse ourselves in this healthy and genuine world by trying local, organic and vegan cuisine .

Our vegan experience

The scent of freshness

The scent of freshness is a delicious restaurant in the province of Rovigo with which we share the same values ​​and the same attention to natural, organic and local production. Our stories, in fact, are intertwined because they too are born from the profound belief that it is possible to live in harmony with nature , not in contrast with it. The founder of this company, Renato, worked all his life as director of a large fruit and vegetable cooperative where he was able to realize firsthand the negative impact that intensive agriculture has on nature and its balance. Hence the idea of ​​creating the educational garden "the scent of freshness" .

Organic cultivation:

“It costs much less to feed insects than to kill them"

In his garden every creature is respected , in fact the biodiversity in the garden was awarded the 2016 Green Flag for Agriculture by the European Union and represents 92% of the possible biodiversity. Dedication and understanding of this natural balance is what allows the garden to flourish and grow without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, making the product 100% organic . Each plant has the perfect place in the garden and the ideal plant nearby to create a synergy that helps them both grow together.

The vegan restaurant:

But what started as organic farming has become much more. In fact, creating a restaurant that offered exclusively vegan cuisine was a consequence, not the starting point . The starting point is a deep respect for nature, as it is for most people who embark on a journey to a plant-based diet. The restaurant offers an ever-changing menu that uses only seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and cereals directly from their garden . For other ingredients, such as flour, rice or olive oil, Renato follows a similar philosophy to ours: a network of local, certified organic suppliers who share a deep connection with nature. In fact, you won't find popular superfoods like avocado, mango, or even coffee as they rely on import.

The benefits of a vegan, local and organic diet

1. Feeling full of energy, feeling healthy

Following a vegan diet can help us create a more genuine relationship with ourselves and our bodies . Nourishing our bodies with natural, whole foods makes us feel more energetic and more in tune with what our bodies actually need. A vegan diet, when done correctly, can provide the body with a variety of nutrients essential for our overall health and well-being. Not feeling heavy, bloated or tired after dinner is a big plus for many people and the reason to incorporate plant-based and vegan meals into their diet. Additionally, choosing organic whole foods reduces your intake of chemicals and toxins that can harm your body in the long term.

2. Feeling at one with nature, part of something bigger

The second great benefit we felt is a unique feeling of connection with nature and the food on our plate . Knowing that what we eat is not harmful but respects every creature, even the smallest, makes us feel at one with nature and helps us experience a sense of belonging that is difficult to describe in a rational way. It was a spiritual experience that made us feel part of something bigger, a natural network where you only take what grows back and what doesn't harm the land or animals.

3. Go back to the roots

Knowing exactly where each vegetable comes from is extremely reassuring , especially in this day and age, when everything is imported and we almost never know for sure where a product comes from. The knowledge that getting back to your roots is a good thing and that supporting your local community can have a big impact on many people's lives can be applied to every area of ​​life, from food to clothing to manufacturing.

What we take away from this experience:

No need for animal products for flavor

The first thing we learned from this experience is that you don't need animal products like meat or cheese to have a delicious, filling and satisfying dinner. The stigma of only eating salad is still very ingrained in many people when they think about veganism and a plant-based diet. But thanks to innovative methods of preparing vegetables, fruit and plant proteins such as legumes and lentils, you can enjoy a 5-course dinner full of flavors and varied textures .

It's easier than we think to make informed decisions

A genuine and conscious lifestyle is easier to adapt than it might seem. By taking the right steps and incorporating small changes into our lives we can make a big difference in our overall health and well-being. Will all our team members become vegan from now on? Probably not, but the new perspective on the influence of plant-based food on our bodies and well-being is something we'll carry with us forever.

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