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Article: The evolution of costumes in CasaGIN

L'evoluzione dei costumi in CasaGIN

The evolution of costumes in CasaGIN

If there is one item that has evolved more than any other over time, it is definitely the swimsuit . A cultural, social and political emblem, the history of modern costume has its roots in ancient Rome. The most famous testimony is in fact made up of a mosaic, preserved at the Villa Romana del Casale in Enna, in which girls pose, in what appears to be a modern bikini. But there is also a statue of Venus in two pieces which tells of a past in which women wore a band to cover their breasts and rather low-cut briefs to play sports and immerse themselves in water. Throughout antiquity, the practice of diving into the sea remained uncommon; bathing at the spa is more frequent, but without wearing particular clothing. The first bathing suit , characterized by a bodice with shoulder straps and a skirt, dates back to the 1400s. Not much would change until the early 1900s, when the fashion for bathing spread, both in lakes and rivers and at the sea, with the appearance of the first bathing establishments. Thus began an evolution that would significantly mark the transformation of thought and the progressive liberalization of customs and social habits, leading to the birth of the bikini in 1946. Then the constraints linked to fashion began to dissolve to make room for increasingly more creative and succinct: between revivals of styles, one-piece swimsuits, padded bras, briefs tied at the hips, embroidery, beads, but above all always new fabrics.


A parade of models that every year, with the arrival of summer, is renewed: filling itself with new meanings . Today, wearing a costume means first of all feeling good, being free, exploring and discovering how you relate to your body and your image. And this is precisely what we try to do at CasaGIN too: for us the swimsuit must return to being a revolutionary tool for a necessary change. This is why our clothing is designed to be inclusive and positive, suitable for women of all shapes, colors and sizes. We have put together tradition and innovation to create a new concept of beauty, understood not only in an aesthetic but also an ethical sense. A tradition represented by our love for made in Italy , but also by a design that is a delicate set of points and shapes. Innovation because, in addition to focusing on the work of small artisan businesses, we have chosen a sustainable path, researching fine fabrics and materials, produced in an ecological way, so as to safeguard the environment and natural balance. This is how the new CasaGIN costume collection was born: different shapes and colors woven into a textile fibre, Econyl , which can be regenerated, recreated and remodeled infinitely, reducing its impact on global warming potential by 80%.


But how does each of our costumes come to life? The first step is to purchase the thread from a Trentino company, leader in Italy and in the world in the recycling of materials destined for disposal: fishing nets abandoned in the seas and textile production waste are recovered and transformed into a new thread, with the same characteristics of nylon from virgin raw material. The thread is then processed by a Lombard company, a symbol of Italian textile excellence in the world of swimwear , which has been producing warp-knit and circular-knit fabrics for over fifty years. Finally, the resulting fabric is sent to a local Venetian company for the manufacturing of the garment, which takes place through very careful and meticulous manual work. All this, combined with the design phase, gives rise to our costumes characterized by perfect fit and breathability, soft and elastic. Able to protect from UVA rays, creams, sun oils and chlorine.


Classic models with a linear, clean and essential design, created to enhance every shape . Timeless products to wear today and tomorrow. Like the halter bra and the high-waisted briefs, also designed for the curviest and most shapely women, ideal for softening the shapes and perfect for those looking for an ever-new style, thanks to the possibility of reversing the colours. But without forgetting the bandeau bra and the triangle bra, both of which can be adjusted to make them more or less opaque, developed with removable cups and a contrasting internal lining, in lighter fabric, to give the garment greater breathability. To then move on to the briefs in the classic models and with bow in the high-cut and low-waisted versions, the first suitable for sport, the second ideal for a bit of relaxation under the sun. And finally, our one-piece swimsuits in two versions, the first with crossed laces in the back for greater freedom of movement and the second with a bandeau for a more refined and elegant image. All created with skill and practically imperceptible stitching.

The emancipation of swimsuits has always been linked to the emancipation of women : a social leap that has involved and still continues to affect body consciousness and moral and social concerns. This is why we dedicate this new collection to all our women in the hope that our style will inspire those who want to feel freer, more confident and obviously more sustainable.

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