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Article: Traveling between shopping and wonders

In viaggio tra shopping e meraviglie

Traveling between shopping and wonders

For nearly all of human history, every person on Earth has shared, bartered, sold, and consumed resources. To trace the first forms of trade it is necessary to take a leap in time to the moment in which the imposing mammoths plowed the icy plains of the globe. The world clock pointed to 9000 BC and in that distant past the first humans began to exchange cows and sheep. But it is only in 3000 BC, in Mesopotamia, that the first real currency appears. A fundamental step for what many centuries later would lead to the birth of the shop. We are in 800 BC and new forms of aggregation take hold in ancient Greece: they are the markets and they develop in the Agora, the main square of the polis, within which traders begin to sell their items. Leaping forward two thousand years we instead witness the origin of modern mammoths: commerce giants such as Walmart, Amazon and Facebook. In short, commerce, like fashion, is constantly evolving, between experiential retail, 3D printed products, the internet, artificial intelligence, robots and an ever-growing awareness of social and environmental issues.

This is why, today, in a very particular week, which has given all Italians back a bit of post-coronavirus freedom, we want to celebrate the oldest form of commerce: shops . And to do so we went to discover the most curious and interesting ideas around the world: a journey through the wonders of human creativity.

The Chalk Room, London

A clothing boutique with a curious art installation in the basement, created by the design studio James Plumb. Relaxing lights, woody tones, but also very antique furniture, a sofa with a built-in table, a wardrobe that seems to be collapsing and a Wurlitzer harp case transformed into a display case. An environment in which to celebrate the art and skill of cutting-edge stylists.

Fleetwood's Vintage Shop, Asheville

Located in North Carolina, USA, this vintage clothing store incorporates a bar, a Rock-n-Roll concert venue and a chapel, for truly out-of-the-ordinary weddings. The city in question is not that touristy but this very particular corner certainly deserves to be seen for those who pass through these parts.

Cafe Pho Co, Hanoi

Vietnam, like Italy, is known for its coffees. But one in particular is worth a visit: Café Pho Co is located in the liveliest neighborhood of the ancient city and is accessible by crossing a clothing shop, then a botanical courtyard and climbing several flights of stairs to sit on a panoramic terrace with a view. wonderful on Hoan Kiem Lake.


The Evolution Store, New York

It looks like a natural history museum but it is instead a paradise for lovers of science and art. Located in Greenwich Village, this quirky family-run shop has been offering locals and tourists a selection of unique and special objects for 25 years: fossils, ancient stones, minerals, shells and tribal art in the form of skulls and skeletons animals.


Lusik Aguletsi House Museum, Yerevan

This famous Armenian artist reinvented the ancient traditions of her country, so much so that she became a national icon. His house has been transformed into a kind of sanctuary, where you can visit a collection of traditional clothes, belts, jewelry, furniture and other types of decorations. By calling in advance you can also have lunch with a local family and have your photo taken wearing these ancient relics.


Ronnie's Sex Shop, Breede River DC

Hidden in the rural bushland of South Africa, this place is known as South Africa's strangest pub, and there's no shortage of good reason. Decorated with local patterns and discarded clothes, it takes its name from a mural that some friends jokingly drew when the place was still a farm. Ronnie did not change the name and instead transformed the farm into a pub and restaurant, attracting visitors from all over the world for its strange etymology and sense of humour. There is also a penthouse from which to enjoy a cold beer while watching the sunset or admiring the Milky Way in the night sky of this peaceful region.


At CasaGIN we also love diversity and believe in the beauty of sales in all its forms. But above all we celebrate conscious shopping in the age of fast consumption. This is why our ethical and sustainable products are not only found online, but also through a network of physical stores present throughout Italy and abroad . Points of sale and concept stores which, like us, have their roots in the search for well-being of body and soul, whose gaze is turned to the future, to the planet and to the magical atmosphere that surrounds us. Therefore today we would like to dedicate this article to all those who believe in us, with the hope that the future will be happy and bright. Only together can we achieve great goals, because working together is progress and collaborating is success.

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