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Article: 5 steps for a more sustainable lifestyle

5 step per uno stile di vita più sostenibile

5 steps for a more sustainable lifestyle

A new year, a new beginning – but is it really? Many of us start the new year with thousands of new resolutions to quickly return to old habits. Whether it's reading more, meditating, exercising or quitting smoking... but is it really necessary to wait for the calendar to show 2022 instead of 2021? The same goes for new sustainable and conscious habits: as we know, it is not easy to change your life in one day. However, we can take small steps in the right direction towards a more responsible lifestyle and the new year can be a great starting point for this. Here, then, are the 5 steps to follow in 2022 for a more sustainable lifestyle.

1) Start small

The first mistake in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle is thinking you have to do everything right away . Once the urgency of eco-compatible actions and the impact of industry on the environment and people is understood, a research path becomes fundamental as a desire for immediate change. So let's start small, with what we care about most: incorporate small actions that we REALLY keep up with for a long time : for example, reducing the consumption of animal products is an extraordinary start, but immediately giving up any form of animal product can be extremely challenging. A first step in this case could be to reduce the quantities and perhaps choose a day of the week to try a new plant-based recipe. Moving on to the way you dress, choosing second-hand products or supporting local brands, rather than buying a fast fashion item, is another excellent way to embark on a new conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle. You don't need to change your entire wardrobe right away, but a small step is something.

2) Research alternatives

Small gestures such as replacing plastic bags with reusable ones and choosing natural cleaning or beauty products can be a great start to introducing more sustainable alternatives into our lives. So let's start looking! There are many valid alternatives that we would never have imagined. However, the research can be really confusing and the opinions are many and varied. A good guiding light are international certifications that ensure sustainable practices during the production process. Another thing to keep an eye on when searching for more ethical and eco-friendly alternatives is Greenwashing : there are many brands that claim to be sustainable, but their actions are not in line with their green declarations. A great rule of thumb is: if their marketing messages are too loud, bold and over the top, perhaps they aren't as sustainable as they claim to be.

3) Be kind to yourself

Knowing yourself is important and means understanding which habits are actually realistic. If we spend a lot on a washing machine we will hardly wash by hand, but perhaps it could be realistic to reduce the number of washes. If we love fashion and discover new trends , it may be difficult to completely stop shopping for fast fashion, and there's nothing to be ashamed of. So let's set realistic goals for how much to reduce consumption and invest in pieces that will last a long time. Be kind to yourself and continue to learn and grow every day.

4) Involve your loved ones

It's difficult to change certain aspects of your life if the people around you don't have the same vision: communication and collaboration are key. For example, if the rest of the family doesn't want to give up meat, it's more difficult to become vegetarian... including everyone in your journey helps, without forcing it: explaining the reasons behind your choices and highlighting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is a good thing for the whole family and stimulates interest in personal research.

5) Find a community

Looking for other people who can inspire and motivate you to become a better person is essential. This applies to everything in life, even our eco travel. Everything is easier in a group and the right people can help us reach our goals faster and give us ideas for sustainable alternatives. Let's avoid people who judge us and our sustainable choices and connect with people willing to learn and grow together.

We at CASAGiN want to promote sustainable well-being and help everyone live more in harmony with nature and the people around us: we therefore seek the same connection we had as children with the world around us, where everything in nature was a new discovery and every person was something special. We know firsthand that adopting a sustainable lifestyle isn't always easy, but we're here to prove that it's possible! So, if you're not already part of our community, join us and meet amazing people who have the same values ​​as you and can help you with more sustainable choices in every area of ​​your life.

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