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Article: An ocean called Life

Un oceano chiamato Vita

An ocean called Life

Who we are? Where do we come from? Where do we go? Why we are here? These are perhaps the simplest and most natural questions that all living beings have in common. We are made of the same atoms, we feel the same emotions, we share the same thoughts. Yet each of us believes and develops our own faith in people, in things and in the meaning we give to everything around us. Each with its own peculiar characteristics. Just as a magnet has the strength to attract matter to itself and gold has the ability to transport energy, each of us possesses a unique and unrepeatable strength.

Everything that populates the cosmos is precious in its own way. And we are attracted to each other by these unusual and peculiar characteristics. In the same way we are surrounded by paths that human beings began to build over time and we follow them, hoping that they may be the most useful roads to reach a more comfortable and sensible goal, in this mystery that we call life.

If we wanted to use a euphemism, our roots are the link with our past and therefore our origins; free thought is instead the door to the future. We cannot let go of our roots, or at least the memory we have of them, just as we would never want to let go of our parents. However, there comes a time in life when the water of the river falls in a majestic waterfall and we, children, must undertake a new path, shape a torrent, letting ourselves be carried away and bringing with us an ancestral witness and a legacy made of thoughts and words: the foundations of what we will build.

This is why it is important to accept every culture and society that the course of history and the world have formed and grasp their most precious teachings; just as we learned and were educated by our families, understood in the broadest sense. Respect others and search within ourselves for the path that seems most right to us, share what we learn with those around us, hoping it can be a useful piece in creating something bigger. Because no one has all the answers. But everyone is the guardian of an answer that is useful to everyone. And each of these can be precious for that ultimate goal which should be, in our opinion, to bring life beyond time and space. The earth will not be here forever, in fact.

We must therefore use the resources available in a sensible and calibrated way , so as to be able to deal with the needs and obstacles that appear before us, continue to innovate and renew, so as to have the time to find and discover what is best for the entire community that populates this spaceship that is transporting us, united, towards a bright future full of opportunities for everyone. The common objective of human beings and of all the beings who work alongside us must perhaps be to perpetuate this priceless good that they have received as a gift from our ancestors. This is why traveling among the rules, the social ones, which allow the good living of all those who inhabit this planet and this complex society that we have created, is actually going beyond the rules, in order to pursue a common goal of shared well-being and protection of life as an essential element for us beings, so as to savor what the universe can offer. Living in mutual trust, because this is the basis for a healthy relationship. And trust starts with respecting ourselves, being consistent, kind and selfless.


The sense of altruism enhances the perception of what comes next, because life continues, one way or another. Life understood as a system as a whole of continuous essence. And we are just shapes that have been moving ceaselessly forever and ever. Proof? We are here, at this very moment. And someone may be reading this article making it come alive, rewarding the action. We are life between life. And, it is said, the meaning of things is fundamentally simple. Just as it could be the answer to the meaning of existence. It is so simple that when the sage found it, he understood that he had not found anything particular, but special. And he continued to live normally. Fearless. Expressing, not impressing.

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