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A small team can have a big impact!


the crazy creative

Every team needs a creative soul and Daniela is simply overflowing with ideas. Sometimes you don't even have time to sit at your desk in the morning and she has already flooded you with at least 5 new ideas. Daniela always has fun anecdotes and food for thought from when she lived in China and traveled throughout Asia and she has definitely helped us be more aware and zen. The only time Daniela isn't so zen is when she has to do less creative tasks like a good entrepreneur, like taxes and accounting! Dani is always looking for new and innovative materials and is never seen without a fabric swatch nearby.


the "I can do anything" man

If your computer isn't working, your entire website is down, the electricity isn't working, or you need to build a new wooden desk from scratch, who do you call? Alberto. Having had restaurant experience throughout his life, Albi has seen and done it all and is immune to stress. Which makes him the best person to ask for help! He is the one who always has everything under control and makes the business work! It's also what remains realistic when Dani and Alina are in their creative phase, with their heads in the clouds. Albi is passionate about everything digital and writes html code better than he writes in Italian. Lately he has also found a new passion for sewing and embroidery and has become the seamstress you go to when you need to shorten your trousers!


from babysitter to “customer”sitter

Laura has been part of the CASAGiN family long before working for the brand. In fact, Laura was babysitting little Matilda, Dani and Albi's daughter. But seeing the kind and patient way with which Laura took care of Mati, Dani was convinced that Laura would be perfect to take care of many more people... clients by CASAGiN.Laura is the kindest, calmest soul you will meet in life and if you have ever had the pleasure of speaking to her, you know what we mean. The warehouse is her kingdom and she knows exactly where everything is, even if from an outside perspective nothing makes sense. Laura also prepares every order with love and knows how to close packages at the speed of light.


the most Venetian German of all

When you come to visit us at CASAGiN headquarters, you will probably see a girl with her phone photographing our products in the strangest places and at the strangest angles; whether they are outside in the parking lot for “good light” or in a certain spot in the warehouse after moving at least 5 pieces of furniture. Alina is the other creative soul of our team and she and Dani together are sometimes just “too much” to handle. She always has a screen in front of her, whether it's to post on social media or to redo our entire website because it felt right that day. Alina also brings an interesting new perspective on life and a more international vibe to our team. She moved from Germany to Italy 4 years ago, but already speaks the Venetian dialect better than anyone.