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Article: The vine teaches us:
Tip for our well-being

La vite ci insegna: <br> Suggerimento per il nostro benessere

The vine teaches us:
Tip for our well-being

I was struck by knowing that vine pruning is proportional to the strength of the vineyard, in fact, the stronger the plant the less it is cut, the weaker the plant the more it is cut. It's amazing how the vine teaches us such a vital message: cut dead branches when you are weak .

Great recipe for knowing how to live with integrity.

Too often we are tired, dull, confused, without energy and we are all inclined to take a tonic to keep a smile on a daily life that we no longer like. The real tonic lies in pruning the repetition of beliefs: habits that we don't have the strength to remove. Our mind also gets used to the worst but this does not mean being a thriving plant. A prosperous plant is one that manages to face the new with its fears, with determination and passion and, in its own way, knows how to eliminate and recognize toxic habits. Changing is the only true act of courage necessary to live fully: it is the essential scissors to amputate dead branches and set us free with energy and strength. Go against the known, to love our stupendously innovative potential. Loving as a potential necessity against all stereotypes.

Believing completely in our bunch: our wonderful SELF.


Thank you VITE, you are a divine creative act, you are solid like a wise and generous mother who teaches us to let go of our stale habits, to truly live with honesty, determination and courage.

CasaGIN's suggestion : from a naturopathic point of view, the red vine in mother tincture is an excellent tonic for the veins, improving both venous and capillary circulation. It is also often used as a bud extract where it takes the botanical name of vitis vinifera, in this case it is very useful as an anti-inflammatory, useful in arthritis and arthrosis of small joints.

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