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Article: Having a dog: Because it improves your life!

Avere un cane:  Perché migliora la vita!

Having a dog: Because it improves your life!


Why does it improve life?

Because I am the most faithful companion you can have, because I am the most helpful therapist you can imagine and because I am the sweetest friend you can share your life with! I was born into a family that has always had animals, at any age I can bring back a four-legged friend I used to play with. Taking care of it, however, had always been the responsibility of my family members, only the playful part was reserved for me, the best one after all. Since I've lived alone, I've always considered a dog a big commitment for me: I'm at work all day, many times I'm away for the weekend and often I don't even have the desire to make food for myself or make my own bed! A dog is a living being, it must be fed and cannot buy food for itself, it can get sick and cannot go to the doctor, it must be taken care of when it is old, perhaps it will struggle to walk and its feces must be collected, which most likely It would bother me to do it even for a hypothetical child of mine! Yet it was a thought that kept coming back to me for years...

They say that " when the student is ready, the teacher appears " and for me it went exactly like that! It was the first days of February and it was still very cold, I was returning home and I couldn't wait to lie down in the warmth! At a certain point, a few kilometers from home, a friend called me asking me to accompany him somewhere. I accept a little reluctantly and go to the address indicated: it was a Labrador kennel ! As soon as I entered the house with my friend, 6 chocolate-colored Labrador puppies of about 2 months appeared in front of me: irresistible, not even Eddy Merckx would have been able to escape without one of those chocolates. Love at first sight, the game was done! Now Gin is one year old and yes guys, he has changed my life !

It's a big commitment, it has turned my routine upside down and changed my priorities...but when I come home, whether it's been a disastrous day or whether I'm assailed by a thousand thoughts, I open that door and see this little brown face that makes even my dog ​​wag its tail. sitting in the excitement of partying, every negative feeling goes away, every thought is swept away by rubbing between my legs and it fills my heart.

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