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Article: Barco41: a dream of hospitality

Barco41: un sogno di ospitalità

Barco41: a dream of hospitality

Every corner of our rooms has a little story, born from an idea and a bit of pleasant work. We love having new experiences, getting to know different places, feeling emotions and admiring the views.

This is how Matteo and Francesca make their debut the evening we meet them. They are long-time friends in CasaGIN . We have known them for a while as Francesca is the protagonist in many of our photo shoots. He knows how to give a touch of poetry to our garments and together we have traveled the path that has brought our brand and our products this far. Matteo, on the other hand, is the head of the family companies: Bemmex and Sants. Historic bicycle manufacturers for several generations now: unique pieces, synthesis of excellent components, maximum attention to detail and constant aesthetic research. A history that has made these brands known and appreciated in Italy and around the world.

There has always been a strong interest in entrepreneurial activities in the family, they tell us. This is how, together with their three children, they decided to open the doors of their home to be able to share, with anyone who wishes, the beauty of the Saccisica lands and the countryside that surrounds it. A territory, mostly flat, crossed by various rivers which have often been protagonists of history. Rivers that have helped agriculture, a traditional activity for centuries, helping to keep the extensive countryside that is still present today just outside the inhabited centers thriving and productive. And it is right in the middle between the countryside and the town centre , a few kilometers from the beaches and not far from Venice that it is possible to stay in this splendid Bed and Breakfast which has the flavor of home . The kitchen, with a large table, teaches the typical conviviality of the Italian table; a small stove instead allows you to warm up the cold winter evenings to read a good book. The porch immediately outside, which overlooks the swimming pool, creates a sort of intimacy and the moonlight illuminates this glimpse of nature in a skilful way.

We are talking aboutBarco41 , the new idea of ​​hospitality born from the desire to create a culture of tourism here too, in Sant'Angelo di Piove . Fields dominate the landscape in areas just outside the municipality. In winter, the mist makes them even more magical and mysterious by covering them in soft colors. The architecture is often characterized by ancient manor houses, sometimes abandoned, other times recovered in favor of more modern villas , such as Barco41. A few bike rides, to find hidden treasures and travel with your imagination, think of distant times, of tenacious men and women, of tireless workers. But alongside traditional activities, numerous entrepreneurial realities have developed since the post-war period. And it is also from here that our friends want to start, to allow future tourists to visit not only the much more classic and well-known lagoon city or the nearby beaches. The idea is also to offer a complete experience , made up of visits to local realities , businesses and artists who populate this area. To give a different stay, made of culture and knowledge, of rurality and business networks, but also of cycling and good food , all local and genuine just like CasaGIN.



It all comes from one of these ancient restored manor houses , a Barchessa, from which Barco41 takes its name. Originally a rustic construction with large arched roofs for essentially agricultural use, today, after careful restoration and complete restoration, it has returned to life, preserved and enhanced, as a Bed and Breakfast. The walls with exposed stones are reminiscent of ancient masonry and give warmth. The recovery of the building, with old materials and natural lime supplied by the Vicenza restoration workshop , in addition to the wood obtained from oak barrels, make the B&B an ideal place to stay, perhaps between a dip in the pool and an experience among the fields to collect fruit and vegetables . We wanted to create something that gave the idea of ​​having always been there, the couple tells us, so as to allow the past and present to coexist together to make the stay experience even more characteristic.

We continue talking and Matteo tells us how his idea is to enhance an entrepreneurial area where companies have managed to create a business network . His desire, together with Francesca and the rest of the family, is to invest in this area and in the community and collaborate with the realities of the area in a transversal way. All recalling the ancient world. Welcoming guests from all over the world is essential to promoting the region and educating people about our products and culture.

Visitors who pass by Barco41 will live in a quiet place, with a slow pace of life . There is no traffic, no chaos or pollution, just good food and welcoming people.

He greets us, reminding us that if we love the area we can improve it at any time. And it is the same philosophy that we have at CasaGIN: respecting nature and drawing a common benefit from the well-being guaranteed by our behaviour. Let's help the planet, let's help ourselves.

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