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Article: Löwenweiss, the new eco slipper by CasaGIN

Löwenweiss, la nuova pantofola eco di CasaGIN

Löwenweiss, the new eco slipper by CasaGIN

Every object we buy and every garment we wear has an environmental and social footprint on the planet we live on. This is why at CasaGIN we are working with our business partners to raise the level of ethics and sustainability .

CasaGIN is a sunny and positive place , designed for those seeking a healthy and conscious lifestyle, where they can find products capable of transmitting well-being and harmony . We continually choose natural fabrics , produced according to eco-sustainable processes, and we work them in small Italian companies where textile work is still a manufacturing art . Everything about CasaGIN is something we are proud to use in our homes, on our bodies and to share with our families, friends and colleagues.

There are many companies that talk about ethics and sustainability even though they do not fully respect these concepts. At CasaGIN we want to guarantee compliance with these principles by highlighting the production chain . We want you to meet the people and companies behind our products! Therefore today we present to you the Löwenweiss company, a family of shoe artisans , which produces the slippers recently available on the CasaGIN website and in all the sales points affiliated with us .

The idea of ​​collaborating with Loweinweis came from a chance meeting. There are many fairs in which CasaGIN participates to raise awareness of a lifestyle based on nature and respect for the environment and people . And it is precisely at one of these, Artigiano in Fiera , that we met this company similar to us and close to our values ​​and our philosophy . Löwenweiss (White Lion) was born in 1969 and takes its name from the founder of the family, so called for his resourcefulness and white hair. Children and grandchildren have kept this name, in memory of an active and hardworking grandfather. “It was precisely with grandfather that the idea of ​​recreating a comfortable home shoe with natural materials and excellent quality with artisan skill and patience was born” Luigi, the grandson who together with his brother today runs the company, tells us.

For generations these two brothers have passed on the knowledge of an artisan tradition linked to wool processing . Their goal is to continue research and innovation , to offer customers a product that is in step with the times and of high quality, adopting the best artisan techniques , with handwork and the use of selected wools . But without neglecting sustainability and respect for the environment , which Löwenweiss has always shared and pursued by observing fair and moral practices .

This is why we immediately empathized with our realities. We found a company rich in history and traditions , family-run and with a strong high-quality artisan imprint . For this reason we evaluated the possibility of creating a sustainable variant of their slipper models, which was in line with our characteristics. Thus was born a recycled wool felt slipper , designed in Italy, with a component never in contact with the foot, in recycled polyester and finally a latex bath , which is positioned on the sole of the natural slipper. And to give everything a touch of class, Löwenweiss has perfumed the latex with natural and non-synthetic vanilla essence . Vanilla reminds you of a welcoming home environment. It is considered by many to be the most delicious of all spices and according to recent studies it acts as an antidepressant due to the presence of molecules very similar to human pheromones. All this makes the slippers that Löwenweiss created for CasaGIN and its community, a sweet artifact that gives comfort and importance to the senses . And being a product for the home it couldn't have been a better idea to introduce into the CasaGIN catalogue .


Loweinweiss' philosophy is that by taking care of the little things in everyday life, you can have one more reason to feel good and be happy . Enhance moments of everyday life . For this reason, the foot must also be at ease, comfortable and in complete well-being. All using materials of natural origin . The result is a product, like our slippers, harmonious and naturally balanced ; warm and breathable, which allows freedom of movement . Quality is guaranteed by a careful selection of materials , careful craftsmanship combined with high attention to every detail.

Also at CasaGIN , as at Löwenweiss, we are looking for recycled and sustainable materials , selecting suppliers who are sensitive to the topic and who are committed to saving CO2 and water . Living a lifestyle you can be proud of, which supports a planet you can be proud of, should be easy. With CasaGIN, it is . This is why it's time to change the way we dress .

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