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Christmas is one month away
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Ethical and Sustainable Underwear and Clothing

100% Made in Italy

CASAGiN is a place of well-being and harmony - everything we do is in harmony with nature and the people around us. We create ethical and sustainable Underwear and loungewear 100% Made in Italy to give you a unique feeling of inner and outer well-being.

Discover the world of CASAGiN:

Discover the world of CASAGiN:

Our mission: Sustainable well-being.

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At CASAGiN we are dedicated to your well-being and the well-being of the environment and the community for a more harmonious life.

And how do we do that?

Sustainable Underwear

We started with underwear, as it is the first clothing item in direct contact with your skin and can therefore transmit a unique sensation of well-being. 

Because here at CASAGiN we believe that the right underwear can make you feel good and a CASA all day!

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Every small decision can make a difference, and everything is possible if it is done with awareness and love.

Our Story

A self-funded female project

The idea of creating a sustainable brand came to our founder Daniela Prandin after working in the fashion industry for over a decade. Dani worked as a buyer for a variety of Italian luxury brands, in Europe and also in China and therefore experienced the negative influences of this industry first hand. She wanted to actively make a difference and desired to create a brand that could be in harmony with nature and people, not go against them.

Sustainability from our point of view

Living in harmony with nature and people

Living and creating in a sustainable way has been one of our core values since the very beginning. And we are proud to be one of the first italian underwear and clothing brands that incorporates sustainability into every area of business.

Your feedback is the most important thing!

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I only use this bra now, I can't wear any others. They are beautiful, practical and super comfortable. I've made a small supply. Fantastic.
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Great product, I always use vests for back problems. Very soft, comfortable and lightweight material!
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Fantastic! Tried and never left : )! With the new construction it gives more support and is like not wearing it! Highly recommended
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Highly recommended! The fabric is very soft. The t-shirt really goes with everything and I don't want to take it off anymore.

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