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KARINU Natural clothing for children


Organic clothing for babies and children

KARINÚ is a premium brand from Andorra , specializing in organic clothing for babies and children from 0 to 24 months. The collections convey harmony, warmth and calm and are made up of soft and comfortable garments in organic fabrics, such as fine pima cotton. All collections are made in Portugal , for ethical and sustainable clothing for the little ones.

The History of KARINÚ

Organic Pima cotton clothing for babies and children

"KARINÚ was born from the desire to introduce Pima cotton to the world and to experience its natural benefits together with the little ones.

We discovered Pima cotton during a fair and it was love at first sight. The incredibly soft touch impressed us and made us dream. We immediately decided to start this love project, producing clothes for those who experience the sweetest and most important years of life, children"

Organic Pima cotton

GOTS and Fair Trade certified

Pima cotton is the softest and most durable cotton in the world . This extra-long-staple cotton variety, also known as Gossypium Barbadense, is native to Arizona and was introduced to Peru in 1918. Since then it has been cultivated in the north of the country under exceptional climatic conditions.

A cotton as rare as Pima cotton could not be grown in any other way other than with the utmost respect for its nature , that is , without chemicals or genetically modified seeds .
Our supplier has been producing organic and fair trade cotton for over 30 years . They were the first in Latin America to obtain GOTS certification from production to packaging. This certificate is one of the most demanding in the world.