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Biodegradable lace underwear

Biodegradable lace underwear

What is CASAGiN eco lace? It is a polyamide yarn with accelerated biodegradability. Special yarn technology maintains the durability and quality of garments; the decomposition process begins only when the garment is disposed of and reaches the landfill equipped in an anaerobic environment. This fabric only takes 5 years to discard, reducing the environmental impact.

The GOOD Lace

Biodegradable in 5 years

Accelerated biodegradability lace

Premium, Made in Italy

From the thread to the final product - we produce everything in Italy in small artisan companies

Soft, breathable, hypoallergenic

Wellbeing in contact with your skin

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Saying GOOD-bye

Discover the end-of-collection deals: we say goodbye to our regenerated lace