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Article: The importance of sleeping well

L'importanza del dormir bene

The importance of sleeping well

Sleep is essential for a person's health and well-being , and in recent times the topic seems to have become extremely important if we consider that it is at the center of many studies and discussions. At CasaGIN we believe that the well-being of every person is the basis for a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. And even an ancient discipline like Ayurveda , as already mentioned in our magazine, considers sleep to be as important a factor as nutrition . This is why we want to address the topic of sleeping well in more detail.

Good sleep habits bring visible benefits not only to health, but also to productivity, attention and concentration. Sleep, for example, helps reduce stress as the lack of hours of rest can lead to the production of a high level of stress hormones; deep, regular sleep can help prevent it. Sleep improves memory and reduces the chances of diabetes . A good sleep helps the body strengthen the immune system as the body, while we sleep, produces protein molecules that strengthen the ability to fight infections.

Personal care and respect for the environment are fundamental values ​​in CasaGIN and as well as clothing they also pass through the choice of furnishings and fabrics for the home, especially in the case of beds, mattresses and pillows, with which we are in contact on a daily basis. Choosing the right mattress is essential if we consider the enormous amount of hours dedicated to sleep over a lifetime.

There are many companies that are increasingly following a path of environmental sustainability and producing ethically, with the aim of improving the performance of their workers and at the same time placing on the market a product that gives well-being to people without compromising the environment. At CasaGIN we like to uncover these realities to make the path we have undertaken a solid and shared path . This is why today we want to talk to you about Kipli , a company that shares our philosophy and believes in a better world for nature and people .

Kipli produces mattresses handmade in Italy and completely free of harmful substances, i.e. totally ecological. Being biodegradable, they respect the health of those who use them and do not damage the environment. Like us at CasaGIN, Kipli also pays attention to packaging and uses only recycled plastic and reusable jute.

The mattresses are made of natural latex which guarantees cozy comfort . The extraordinary properties of natural latex make it naturally hypoallergenic, anti-mite and antibacterial. The breathability of this material is unmatched compared to synthetic materials, thanks to its natural microbubbles. Furthermore, natural latex is biodegradable and, unlike most products on the market, made entirely of synthetic products, it does not become waste that is difficult to dispose of. The Kipi lining is handcrafted in Italy , starting from the best artisan techniques of our country. The elements that compose it are simply wool and organic cotton.

In addition to the choice of natural materials for its products, Kipli stands out for its extreme attention to protecting the planet . The entire production process of the mattresses proposed by Kipli is designed to minimize the impact: starting from the sowing of Hevea forests, the tree from which the latex is extracted, contributing to the forestation of immense areas at risk; then moving on to the collection of the latex and the production of the sheets, which is carried out respecting all the workers involved in the supply chain, who are paid a fair and equitable wage.

As a company, Kipli is part of the international movement 1% for the Planet within which it is committed to donating one percent of its revenues to associations involved in the fight against global warming, pollution and the conservation of the territory, oceans and endangered species . Demonstrating that the international community has the ability to take responsibility for the planet and make positive changes.


Choosing a good mattress, which is also ecological, ethical and sustainable, can improve your life . But there are many other ways to improve rest and make sleep more restful and enjoyable. Create a relaxing evening ritual, for example. Or put relaxing activities before sleep to create a pre-sleep routine that removes some of the daily stress. Over time, a routine can act as a signal within the brain indicating time to sleep. And even a hot bath, a massage, a few minutes of meditation, breathing exercises or listening to relaxing music. Finally, as a last tip, keep the bedroom quiet, cool and dark. Turn off the lights and avoid sound or electronic distractions.

In short, to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you need to make sure that sleep is a priority. And don't forget genuine, soft and natural nightwear , just like the one from CasaGIN.

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