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Article: Bikram Yoga: The benefits of the practice

Bikram Yoga:  I benefici della pratica

Bikram Yoga: The benefits of the practice


“ Good evening everyone and welcome to this bikram yoga class. Look in the mirror, find your concentration, relax..."

I teach Bikram Yoga. It is a series of 26 postures (Asanas) repeated twice, with a breathing exercise that precedes them and one that concludes them. A Yoga system accessible to everyone , at any age. Designed to act effectively on each muscle group and harmoniously on the entire body, emphasizing the strengthening of the spine, blood circulation, breathing and... willpower .

I discovered Bikram when I was no longer very young, at the suggestion of a friend. I had heard about this practice, its intensity and the fact that it was practiced inside a room heated to 40° for 90 minutes. Many people talked about the wonderful feeling they had at the end of the class, so I decided to give it a try. The first class was shocking! The heat, the excessive humidity in a not very large room, so many people close together, the feeling that I was missing air... It put me to the test but, at the same time, something struck me.


I decided not to give up and I went back and went back, because it was really true, at the end of those hard 90 minutes of work, I felt good .. "Bikram yoga is considered one of the most effective practices for strengthening one's body and also one's mind" During the sequence, the strength and flexibility of all the muscles of the body are increased, all the joints are supplied with blood and regenerated, and posture and digestion are worked on. From an internal point of view, what made it unique for me and made it become MY discipline, is the work of concentration, awareness of my body and willpower that it helped me develop.

I then deepened my practice with different teachers, until I wanted to become a teacher of this extraordinary form of Yoga myself. Bikram helps to reduce the level of stress and anxiety that we experience every day and increases the levels of endorphins in the body, therefore positive energy. What, at the beginning, was a personal desire to learn soon turned into an extraordinary experience of teaching and sharing. I opened my Bikram Yoga center in Milan in 2015, since then I have been sharing my practice and experience here. I believe that the beauty of Yoga does not lie in the Asanas that are practiced, nor is it the ability to contort oneself into more or less circus-like figures, but rather that point of balance that they help you to find within yourself. That magical moment where body, mind and breath merge and you begin to discover a light within you.

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