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Article: How to spend a sustainable Valentine's Day

Come trascorrere un San Valentino sostenibile

How to spend a sustainable Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost here and it's time to think about how to spend a day dedicated to your sweetheart . However, we cannot say that we are dealing with one of the most ecological holidays that the calendar can offer us. In fact, like many other celebrations, in this case too we are faced with something that in recent years has been transformed into a synonym of consumerism . Recapturing the meaning of this magical moment can be good not only for couples, but also for the environment. Valentine's Day can be celebrated with love towards your partner but also towards the environment, adopting a few simple, green rules, so to speak. So here is some advice on how to spend a romantic Valentine's Day, in harmony with your partner and with your Earth .


Avoid flowers

Most roses, for example, come from areas of the planet where the climate is warmer, especially during the cold (although not too cold this year) winter. So let's avoid flowers. They are adorable, it's true, but they also need a lot of care and, of course, they die early . Not to mention that they are grown in places where production has been relocated and workers are often exposed to pesticides and fertilizers used to encourage production. For those who really love flowers you can always think of a plant . And, even better, it is possible to get one at 0 km. Why not keep it inside so as to beautify and make your home or office healthier? Then, when the temperatures become milder, it will be possible to plant it in the garden and the gift will remain for years.

And chocolate too

Cocoa also only grows in particularly hot climates and is one of those increasingly difficult to grow as climate change advances . If flowers travel a long way before reaching our homes, it must be considered that cocoa travels even further. This year, for those who care about the environment, it is perhaps appropriate to replace the chocolates with honey candies or a homemade dessert . But if we really can't give up chocolate, then we choose fair trade. It's worth it.

Be careful with dinner

Why not try a new culinary experience? Not only does a vegetarian dinner favor the so-called 0 km diet by favoring vegetable foods perhaps purchased directly from farmers in our areas , but it allows us to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, produced precisely by animal breeding.

Why not become a bit of a craftsman?

More than 180 million gift cards are exchanged on Valentine's Day. Since paper is made from trees and paper mills use immense amounts of water and emit tons of chemicals, choosing recycled paper or a modern electronic option could positively change things . However, recycled paper also ends up in landfill, where it emits methane as it decomposes. Therefore, a really valid alternative could be to recover paper from old magazines and wall calendars. To then put in a little creativity and perhaps invent your own gift card idea. To never be banal.

Choose experiences

It should be well known by now: experiences make us happier . So, instead of buying gifts, flowers or chocolate, choosing to do something alternative, perhaps never done before, could be a nice compromise for both of you. Some idea? A kickboxing lesson, stargazing from a mountain cabin or a horse riding trial . These are just a few proposals but the list could be truly endless: a treasure hunt, recreating the first date that introduced you to each other or carrying out a volunteering experience , which allows, among other things, to meet new people and connect with your partner in a whole new way. You never know, each of these options could then turn into a weekly event.

There are truly many ways to spend an alternative Valentine's Day, dedicated to the environment and sustainability . We could add to the list the possibility of planting a tree, creating a small vegetable garden in the garden or collecting waste on the beach. Then maybe go home, pour yourself a good glass of wine, turn off the lights and talk to each other by candlelight about the beauty of an all-natural experience. The meaning is this: think responsibly, avoid overly complex planning, reduce consumption, be careful not to use the car, not worry about money or imaginative gifts . But rather take a walk, go to the park, spend time talking and reconnecting with your partner. Whatever we come up with, it's essential to keep in mind what's really important, which is spending time with your loved one . Gifts won't offer all that, so let's try something more meaningful.

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