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Article: How to spend a sustainable Christmas

Come trascorrere un Natale sostenibile

How to spend a sustainable Christmas

Christmas is upon us and we can already walk through the streets of the city looking with different eyes at the places we have always known. There are those who are already counting down because there is now just under a month left until a magical period full of happiness . Christmas also means spending time with family, receiving thoughtful gifts and eating lots of delicious food. In short, Christmas brings enormous joy to everyone . But on the other hand it also brings with it many behaviors which nowadays are increasingly harmful to the environment in which we live. Waste, waste and consumption are increasing dramatically . But it's possible to fully enjoy the upcoming holiday season while still showing our planet a little kindness. Here is some advice on how to spend a more sustainable Christmas with less waste.

1. Plan ahead

Christmas is a season of immense joy, but it is also characterized by great stress . One minute everything is ready and sorted while the next we realize we've forgotten something and we're ready for some last minute shopping to make sure we have enough food and gifts for everyone. In these moments convenience becomes a priority and any thoughts we had about a waste-free and plastic-free Christmas will have to wait another year.

So the trick is to plan and prepare in advance . Choose carefully where to spend lunch and the rest of the day, what type of tree to place in your home and what decorations to decorate it with, who to invite and what dietary needs to consider, just to give a few examples. At this point you will need to make a list of things to buy, create or borrow. Perhaps choosing non-perishable products for the celebrations, so as to have time to gradually implement a sustainable plan as Christmas day approaches : choose organic and 0 km foods, look for eco-friendly Christmas decorations and start buying sustainable gifts.

2. Avoid physical gifts

Christmas is a time for love and sharing and all kinds of memorable family moments , but over the years we've sadly made the season synonymous with gift buying. This year let's avoid the hyper-commercialization of Christmas and invest in experiences to share with our loved ones. A family dinner, an outdoor experience, a trip, an art exhibition or a concert.

3. Alternatively choose a sustainable gift

The key here is to pay attention to the type of gifts you buy . Therefore choose ecological, durable and quality items , products that can be truly useful and appreciated, but above all friends of the environment. This will ensure consistent use over the coming year and they won't be thrown away.


4. Cook consciously

Christmas is a time of cooking and celebration . Unfortunately, many leftovers end up in waste bins. The problem is that you never know exactly who will come to visit us and when they will arrive during the Christmas holidays. As a result, many families tend to overcook. The best way to overcome this inconvenience is to cook with precision and this requires planning. For example, ask friends and relatives what they prefer for lunch or dinner, know how many people they will bring with them and think about sharing excess meals with neighbors. Food waste contributes greatly to global greenhouse gas emissions, so let's avoid it at all costs .

5. Be careful when traveling

Christmas, as we know, is best spent with family. But this often means travel and travel. The best way to travel in order to reduce sources of pollution is probably by train . But nowadays there are a variety of smartphone applications that allow you to share trips even in the car. And if we really can't give up a flight then let's make the effort to offset our carbon footprint. Many airlines offer carbon offset plans, called carbon offsets, which are easy to use and can be booked at the time of booking.

6. Eliminate plastic

From decorations to wrapping paper, there is no greater abundance of plastic than the Christmas season. So, if we want a waste-free Christmas, eliminating plastic is certainly a fundamental step . So, here are some suggestions: choose natural decorations such as plants and flowers, recover old collections, wrap gifts in recycled paper or a cotton bag, recycle paper from magazines and newspapers, use reusable containers, avoid disposable plates and cutlery and above all choose to cook fresh food, thus avoiding the packaging of processed foods.

Finally, let's remember that when it comes to the Christmas season, all of the above is a means to an end . As long as we keep in mind that the point is a warm heart and a deep sense of generosity , it will be easier to achieve a deep sense of inner peace and live peacefully with family and friends , respecting the planet. Therefore we choose a more natural and ecological Christmas , just like in the CasaGIN philosophy. Because whatever green gift we choose to give, let's remember that it is always important to live respecting the environment every day and that to truly encourage the development of an eco-sustainable culture we must rely on and purchase goods or services only from companies that promote these values .

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