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Article: CasaGIN at the fair: Do the right thing!

CasaGIN in fiera: Fa’ la cosa giusta!

CasaGIN at the fair: Do the right thing!

2020 is upon us and one of the most debated issues in many sectors, including fashion, is sustainability . The events sector is gradually adopting an integrated approach to organizing more earth-friendly events, taking into consideration the whole range of relevant aspects: from waste reduction to recycling , from ethical use of resources to transport and much more Still. This is exactly what happened at the fifteenth edition of the Fa' la Cosa Giusta fair! Trent 2019 . A sector fair dedicated mainly to the themes of sustainability, critical consumption and green lifestyle. And we at CasaGIN also took part in this fantastic event, achieving great success.

The event was organized by Trentino Arcobaleno , a social promotion association made up of people from various expressions of Trentino associations and solidarity purchasing groups. The association is oriented towards building a new solidarity economy , linked to its territory and attentive to the environment and workers. The solidarity economy constitutes a concrete and practiced alternative to create an economy and a society oriented towards the well-being of all . A reality that is spreading throughout the world, and brings online experiences that respect people and the environment . A proposal born in 2002 by the Solidarity Purchasing Groups , as a moment for meeting, connecting and exchanging information. It has since evolved as a possible response to the recurring crises of the global development model . In recent years, from a simple connection network it has become a set of entities that work together to develop proposals, economic models and experiment with new forms of economic organization .

Do the right thing! It took place from 18 to 20 October and was a precious opportunity to meet and get to know more than 600 organic farmers, fair trade shops, associations, social cooperatives and companies . All united by a single thread in which passion, love, respect for the environment and people are intertwined. A melting pot of colors and scents that took place in the Trento Fiere pavilions.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics and Critical Fashion were the most successful thematic areas, followed by the other sections dedicated to food , tourism , home , associations , children and the area for vegan proposals . In short, we really felt part of a world that wants to change the future , make it better, respect it and love it. This is why we have decided to share with you some of the truly innovative realities present at the fair in order to support a more sustainable world and a more supportive economy.


Gazpacho was born from an EcoAlternativa project in Padua in 2003, and is now an artisan laboratory in Berlin, where it arrived a few years ago. Through the laboratory, these guys create fashion accessories such as bags, wallets, pouches and more by recovering PVC, bunners and other waste and reuse materials. Then they reprint, hand painting and personalizing each piece with original images.

ErbeLuna Agricultural Company

The ErbeLuna Agricultural Company is a small company in Trentino, in Val di Fiemme, which produces conifer essential oils of the highest quality, starting from spontaneous plants, grown above 1000 metres, in the heart of the Dolomites.

Growing Greetings

They are called Growing Greeting and they are greeting cards that do not simply bring with them a nice phrase, but also seeds and soil, from which a plant can grow. They were created by Giulia Cavalli, an Italian who moved to Denmark to complete a PhD in Botany and in the Scandinavian country she had the idea of ​​creating an eco-sustainable gift that could bring green into every home. A different way to wish a happy birthday.


Corn starch and food colors to allow children to play without the fear of coming into contact with harmful substances. Everything to promote respect for the environment, bringing together tradition and innovation. EcoLoco, the "ecological place", was founded in 2004 to combine ecology and fun. In addition to producing EcoloGioco (the first totally Italian corn bricks), EcoloDò (a bio-preparation for modeling clay) and other games that respect the environment and children's creativity, EcoLoco carries out workshops on games such as tool for growth, through recycling and creative reuse.

Arg Design

A small family-run business that since 1991 has been committed to promoting an ecological lifestyle by designing and manufacturing furniture and furnishings in natural solid wood. Arg Design designs and creates its furniture using natural bio-ecological products in the finishes. By working manually in the creation of a unique and artisanal product, the company wants to honor nature and the man who works it.

Fera Libens

Fera Libens is a project born a couple of years ago, which launched its first footwear in November 2015. The entire shoe, from the upper to the lining, to the laces and the insole, does not use materials of animal origin. Attention to ethics goes hand in hand with the promotion of Made in Italy: the footwear is made of Alcantara, a synthetic compound with characteristics similar to animal leather, produced entirely in our country, respecting ethics and the environment .


Beeopak derives from the union of the terms "bee" and "pack" (to package, wrap) and is the result of a long friendship born from the meeting between two dreamers: Monica and Clarien. It is a reusable and organic food film to preserve food and bring color and beauty to the table and kitchen, reducing the amount of waste. Beeopak was born with only one condition: that of being made in an artisanal way with 100% natural ingredients. For this reason, organic cotton impregnated with beeswax, pine resin and hazelnut oil were chosen, i.e. totally zero kilometer native Piedmontese foods.


And then there were us at CasaGIN . We saw 65 thousand visitors pass by in this 2019 edition and hundreds of people approached our stand to take home a piece of our reality. During this three-day fair we wanted to spread the concept of clothing that makes you feel good . Genuine, Innovative, Natural , CasaGIN represents a place of harmony and well-being where you can find eco-sustainable underwear and clothing products for women, men and children. Hypoallergenic and free of harmful substances , our products are designed to pamper the skin and make anyone feel at home. Ethically made in Italy , they are created with ecological natural fibres . We also want a cleaner world and we will continue to travel around Italy to make our reality and our products known. Continue to follow us!

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