Sustainability for us means living in harmony with nature and people

Environmentally sustainable clothing

Living and creating in a sustainable way has been one of our core values since the very beginning. And we are proud to be one of the first italian underwear and clothing brands that incorporates sustainability into every area of business.

Environmentally sustainable raw materials

One of the most important parts of creating a product that is in harmony with nature is choosing sustainable raw materials. In the case ofUnderwear and CASAGiN clothing, these are the fibers used to make our fabrics. We only choose fibers that are certified eco-friendly, natural or recycled to ensure that we meet high standards of health, safety, respect for human rights and environmental protection.

Only through the choice of raw materials were we able to save money in 2021:

2,895 kg

of CO2

15.000.000 l

of water

31,000 square meters


1,750 kWh

of energy

(calculated compared to conventional cotton)

Reduced CO2 emissions - 70 km production

All the products in our lines are made in Italy: from the thread to the final product! The laboratories we collaborate with are at a maximum distance of 70 km from our headquarters. This allows us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to companies with production abroad, which have to travel raw materials and finished products from one continent to another.

Sustainable forests

The management of the forests used to obtain the fiber we use is done sustainably: the trees do not need artificial irrigation to grow, and this system also stabilizes the water balance, preventing flooding but also water scarcity when rainfall is rare. Every year this system allows us to grow 10 thousand more cubic meters of wood than is taken. In addition, the forests are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

Circularity - Recovery and Recycling

The fibers we use for the beach and sports line are derived from regenerated and recycled materials: in this case we start from waste to give life to new fibers. Thanks to the support of numerous resources and associations, fishing nets and plastic materials abandoned in the oceans are recovered; through these initiatives, in addition to cleaning the oceans of these materials, numerous animal species that would otherwise be victims of this pollution are saved.


Another big part of living in harmony with nature is creating products that can be easily reintegrated into it. Common synthetic fabrics take almost a hundred years to completely decompose. This is why we have developed our lace collection and some of our sportswear into a special form of polyamide that is completely biodegradable, leaving no toxic chemicals in the environment. In an anaerobic environment, these fibers biodegrade in only 3-5 years compared to about 70 years for conventional polyamide. CASAGiN's natural fibers, such as our beech wood fibers and organic cotton are also naturally 100% biodegradable. From nature to nature.

Sustainable packaging

Even the packaging is good for the environment! Everything we produce is packaged without using plastic: in fact, we use an innovative, fully biodegradable cornstarch sachet with TUV Austria certification; another step toward helping solve the economic and environmental problem of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.


For the shipment of our products we use recyclable cardboard packaging which is done through couriers that compensate for the CO2 emissions emitted.