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Sustainable Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day: our ideas

On Valentine's Day we celebrate all the great love stories Love for your partner Love for your loved ones Love for yourself*

Love for your partner

Love is the deepest feeling we can experience. A feeling and spiritual connection so strong that it overcomes any obstacle, challenge or distance. We celebrate love every day, because it is part of our search for well-being and harmony in every aspect of life; but on Valentine's Day the world gently reminds us to take a moment and be grateful for the love we have. Who said sustainable underwear isn't sexy? With our thong you can convince even the most sceptical Provocative and elegant, perfect under a jacket at dinner or alone Classic and very soft Sensual in black, elegant in white or refined in shell To emphasize your shapes! Romantic and effective Valentine's Day at the spa For a cuddled evening For your Valentine's Day at home

Give a set as a gift

Love for your loved ones

Love has a variety of different forms and expressions! Many of the most beautiful love stories do not include two lovers, but people connected by a deep feeling of friendship, appreciation and affection. So for this Valentine's Day, we wanted to honor all different types of love! Give the gift of a natural product that conveys well-being Spa Day with friends It gives comfort and naturalness Give the gift of confidence! Sustainable natural underwear Give the gift of an informed choice Give the gift of relaxation Give and donate to the WWF Give warmth

Love for yourself*

Before we can deeply love someone, we must discover the greatest love of our life: love for ourselves. Truly loving each other is our greatest strength. So, partner or not, this Valentine's Day dedicate time to yourself* and your inner well-being. For a wellness evening at home Feeling good means feeling sexy! To stay comfortable all day Wellbeing for your spirit Valentine's Day under the covers with a good book Comfort for every activity A relaxing evening at home Comfortable and very soft Delicate and light