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CASAGiN Market

Welcome to the CASA GiN Market!

Not your usual marketplace

Since we started our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we have met many companies who, like us, believe in the quality and well-being of products made in harmony with the world around us. And we decided to create a dedicated space to introduce our friends to you . In the CASAGiN Market you can discover and purchase new brands from the world of sustainability and well-being .

Children's clothing Are you a small sustainable brand?

Why isn't it the usual marketplace?

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NO overtransportation!

We DO NOT do dropshipping! This is a marketplace that promotes the well-being of even the small brands that collaborate with us.

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NO overconsumption!

We work with the pre-order to understand how much to order from our collaborator friends. Your product will arrive after 2 weeks.

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NO overproduction!

We only work with already made garments to give the products a new home.

How do we select brands?

We exclusively select brands that reflect our values ​​of ethics, sustainability and well-being and which are GIN: Genuine, Innovative, Natural

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Sustainable brands are not competitors, we were all born with the same purpose: to create a better world for future generations and create well-being through our creations!

Discover some products from our friends: