TASTE | Chiara

The idea of ​​this column comes from mixing my passion for cooking with CasaGIN’s philosophy. I call it “Cuddles in the kitchen” to give the idea of ​​what my recipes are: a cuddle I give myself every day that I would like to share with you.

Taking care of ourselves and of the people we love is also expressed through food, it is at the heart of life and warms our souls every day. I had the honor of meeting and living with women who made healthy and delicious food. As a child I used to play with the vegetables that my grandmother and mother cultivated in the garden, I took them out of the ground, dusted them and then… I tasted them. The true taste of those seasonal fruits and vegetables helped me understand their value and their versatility.

I use aromatic herbs and spices which eliminates the necessity of salt.

Inspired by magical and new combinations, each dish comes about from high quality raw materials and my hands. The dishes are tasted by my partner and chief taste tester Matteo and friends who come to our house. I know a dish is adored when they ask for it to try in their own homes.

The CasaGIN kitchen is healthy, fast, tasty cuisine!

Recipes are easy, genuine and delicious made especially for those who care about what they eat. Healthy and fast, the recipes are for lunch and dinner.

To achieve the best result from my recipes, I usually source produce direct from the grower. Today in every city there is a food market with vegetables, fruit, vegetables, meats, cheeses, wines, honey and more, otherwise good organic produce can be ordered online in ethical agricultural cooperatives.

The produce should be consumed fresh (within a week) and maintained as much as possible in its raw state. Avoid cooking too long in order to preserve its nutrition.

CasaGIN Tips:

  1. Always start the meal with some raw vegetables (rocket, tomatoes, peppers) in order to stimulate the metabolism and prepare the body for the intake of complex foods.
  2. For good digestion it is best to:
    – use extra virgin olive oil with butter or other fats
    – use pecorino or goat cheese
    – serve raw foods before cooked
    – vary the foods
    – use spices and seeds instead of salt
  3. When cooking at home, do not use the precooked ingredients: to make a genuine risotto takes the same amount of time that requires a freeze-dried risotto to be ready!