A philosophy of living responsibly and mindfully, CasaGIN is a way of life. CasaGIN stands for Genuine, Innovative, Natural.

Genuin because it is for those who believe in the beauty of simplicity, are not conditioned by anyone and are true to themselves and to others.

 Innovative because it is for those looking beyond what they know and are curious to explore the new.

Natural because for it is for those in harmony with life, in touch with their deepest self, where they feel at home.


An intimates line conceived out of positive energy for those who believe in eco-sustainability, in products that convey authenticity in their origin and creation.

At CasaGIN, we believe that everything we have contact with transmits energy to us.

People, but also things that are part of our sensory world: what we see, eat, touch, and what we wear.

Underwear is the first clothing piece that comes into contact with our skin.

For this reason, at CasaGIN we have sourced natural fibers, produced according to eco-sustainable procedures, which small eco-responsible Italian mills transform into fabrics.

We are convinced that only a product made with such care and attention to detail is able to convey the authentic feeling of wellbeing we seek in the everyday.

“The mind controls material, but material influences the mind, the textiles have an effect on the hand that touches them as much as the hand effects them. And what the hand touches reaches the heart.”


CasaGIN lives in harmony with nature.

Being in touch with nature, having a healthy lifestyle and innovative thinking are the prerequisites for creating a sustainable future for us and for our children.

Based on this philosophy we spent months researching and testing and in the end we found what we were looking for just around the corner.

Our suppliers are located, close by our headquarters in Padua, they are small artisanal companies in based in the Veneto area where the passion of every single employee makes the difference.

Our products are 100% Made in Italy and are created respecting the environment in each step of the process: with biodegradable vegetable fibers, that are delicate on the skin.


We are a team of friends, world citizens, united by the same love for nature and driven by the desire to create something positive, for us and for the environment. From natural fabrics to cooking, from literature to meditation, from gardening to homeopathy, our passions are linked to genuineness, beauty and a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Founder of CasaGIN Daniela is passionate about yoga, Asian languages, diverse cultures and all that is eco-friendly. A background in fashion, she divides her time between lives in Padua and Milan. CasaGIN is her dream that became a reality thanks to her experiences and the people in her life.