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Article: Bikram Yoga, what it is and what are the benefits for body and mind

Bikram Yoga, che cos’è e quali sono i benefici per corpo e mente

Bikram Yoga, what it is and what are the benefits for body and mind

On our journey towards greater well-being and harmony in our daily lives , most of us have probably tried at least one form of yoga. This week we at CASAGiN wanted to delve deeper into one of the most unusual yoga practices: Bikram Yoga .

We wanted to find out what exactly Bikram yoga is, what are its advantages and how does it differ from other yoga styles ? Is it worth trying and what should you know before the lesson?

So we put on our activewear and went to try Bikram yoga, for most of us for the first time.

What is Bikram Yoga:

Bikram Yoga is a modern form of yoga that became popular in the 1970s. The peculiarity of this style of yoga, often called hot yoga , is that it is practiced in a room heated to 40° degrees . The lesson lasts 90 minutes and the practice uses 26 exercises , the so-called Asanas, which are repeated twice, always in the same exact sequence. The practice also includes two breathing exercises, the so-called Pranayama, at the beginning and towards the end of the lesson.

The practice of Bikram yoga can be divided into two forms of exercises: standing exercises followed by lying exercises . Lying yoga positions are always accompanied by a period of relaxation in Savasana , dead body position.

CASAGiN Bikram Yoga People

Benefits of hot yoga:

But what are the benefits of this particular style of yoga and how can it help improve our physical and mental well-being ? There are a variety of benefits to practicing Bikram yoga, some apply to every form of yoga and others are exclusive to this discipline.

Flexibility, safely

Most yoga practices, intended as a form of physical exercise, include stretching poses and body movement, so they improve posture and flexibility when performed regularly. However, the warm temperatures in hot yoga allow you to perform the various twisting and bending poses more safely, reducing the risk of muscle strains . The body is already warmed up and ready to be stretched.

Another advantage is that, by always following the same order and the same exercises, each asana is designed to prepare your body for the next exercise and even beginners can follow the flow reducing the risk of injuries due to inexperience and stiffness.

Elimination of toxins

Exercising in this heat has another amazing benefit for our overall health: it is said to promote the elimination and evaporation of toxins from our bodies. Bikram yoga makes you sweat, a lot, certainly more than other forms of yoga exercises, and probably more than in any other sport!

There won't be a dry part on your body after 90 minutes of work at 40 degrees. Sweating will also increase blood flow by providing more oxygenated blood to your muscles.

Strength and balance

Bikram yoga consists exclusively of free body exercises, the benefits for your physical well-being are immense. Just as with most yoga practices, Bikram yoga combines a variety of strength and balancing exercises, which in the long run improve posture and muscle toning . The relaxation periods in Savasana between each asana help you deeply feel the movement you just performed and improve the muscle regeneration process , making the body stronger.

Hot yoga also helps you develop more balance and over time you can see your progress. If at first you are not able to hold a certain asana for long, after a few repetitions you can see progress in stabilizing your postures .

CASAGiN Bikram Yoga People

In tune with the body

The advantage of always following the same 26 asanas is the possibility of concentrating completely on your body and reaching a state of flow. After a few repeated sessions, Bikram yoga becomes an individual conscious meditation practice where you can completely relax into each movement and deeply experience your body.

You have the time and mental freedom to listen to yourself and feel what your body needs during the various exercises. “How do I feel in my left knee? How do I breathe? Which part of my body is benefiting from this movement?”

Turn off your brain

Bikram yoga is a challenge you do with yourself*. It is one of the most difficult forms of yoga as it requires maximum concentration. It takes discipline, concentration and strength at the same time, while focusing on breathing. This form of yoga is therefore a fantastic relaxation exercise for those who have difficulty turning their brains off in less intense situations . There is literally no time or space to let other thoughts enter the mind. 90 minutes of full concentration on yourself* and your well-being.

Our experience - Bikram Yoga People:

Just like everything in life, it is the people who make the difference and who can make the experience unique. In our case, our desire to learn more about the benefits of Bikram yoga led us to the Bikram Yoga People yoga studio in Padua . Our founder Daniela has been passionate about Bikram Yoga since she lived in China and has been practicing with Bikram Yoga People for many years. It's about time more people on Team CASAGiN experienced the benefits of Bikram Yoga on body and mind!

CASAGiN Bikram Yoga People

The founders of Bikram Yoga People have a similar story to ours, two people leaving their old lives behind in the quest to bring more happiness and well-being into the world .

Enrico di Bernardo and Barbara Polloni, the founders of Bikram Yoga People, lived in Los Angeles with their two children and a successful career. The encounter with the practice of Bikram yoga turned their lives upside down and slowly gave rise to a call to amplify and spread this practice which brought them profound well-being.

They thus decided, after 17 years abroad, to return to Italy and found their Bikram yoga school in Padua in 2013 and open another in Vicenza in 2015.

“It was difficult at first because of the heat, but after I got used to it it made me feel amazing and full of energy” Alina

"As an athlete, I think it's an excellent activity for gaining muscle strength and elasticity. I liked it because it was a constant challenge between concentration and balance and it makes you sweat a lot... you strengthen your spirit and body" Laura

“I love Bikram yoga because it helps me connect with my body and completely relax” Dani

CASAGiN Bikram Yoga People

Our recommendations:

1. Choose the right yoga studio

Even though the practice and poses are always the same, finding the right Bikram Yoga teacher is essential to experiencing the mental and physical benefits you are looking for.

2. Focus on yourself*

It's easy to look around wondering what other people in the class are doing. But it doesn't matter if you are less flexible or if your pose doesn't look as good. The important thing is to connect to your body on a deeper level, so just look at yourself in the mirror!

3. Bring water

While practicing Bikram yoga, you sweat a lot, so staying hydrated is key . Bring at least a liter of water and maybe even some mineral salts.

4. Wear suitable sports clothing

Wearing short, breathable and cool sports clothing is essential for a pleasant hot yoga practice. Here you can buy our yoga clothing. Check out what we wore during our practice!

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