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Article: Admire the day before you

Ammira il giorno davanti a te

Admire the day before you

To welcome this new year, we wish to share with all the people who know and will know the world of CasaGIN , this Sanskrit poem that celebrates the New Day! We hope that this year, by focusing a little more on what we can do now, on this day, every day we can be a little happier, a little more prepared, and a little more useful to humanity. Happy New Year!

Admire the day before you:
because it is life, life generating life.

In its rapid flow they dwell
truth and reality of your existence.

The joy of growth,
the glory of the work,
the splendor of achievement

they are just experiences of time.

Since the past day is but a dream,
and what is to come a vision;

But today is well lived
of every yesterday a happy dream
and of every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Therefore, observe this day carefully!
Such is the greeting of dawn!

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