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Article: Vegan recipe: Broad bean purée
with chicory and wholemeal crouton

Ricetta vegana: Purè di fave <br>con cicoria e crostone integrale

Vegan recipe: Broad bean purée
with chicory and wholemeal crouton


Finally I can tell you about this recipe from the Apulian peasant tradition ! The Gargano land made up of hills of olive trees and golden fields is well represented by this dish! Naturally elegant like the people I had the pleasure of meeting, dear Manfredonia, dear Family, this recipe is for you!


200 g of dried broad beans
1 leg of chicory
chili pepper to taste
1 anchovy (of your choice)
1 clove of garlic
1 teaspoon coarse salt

for the crust
600 g of wholemeal spelled flour
1 glass of water
1 small glass of various seeds
1 tablespoon of EVO oil



The broad beans are soaked in cold water and bicarbonate of soda (one teaspoon) for about two hours. Then they are cooked in water for about an hour until they become a cream. Please note: like all legumes, after the first 10 minutes of cooking they must be cleaned of the foam that rises to the surface.

In the meantime, wash the chicory well, cut it into small pieces and boil it in a liter of water with half a teaspoon of coarse salt for about 10 minutes. Drain them and put them in a pan with a clove of garlic, an anchovy and some chilli pepper (a spoonful).

While the broad beans are boiling and the chicory is flavoring in the pan, we turn on the oven and prepare the crouton!

We mix the flour, water, oil, various seeds. We create a loaf, roll it out with a rolling pin and put it in a hot oven (200°) for about ten minutes and voilà: the crust is ready, we cut it into pieces and put one on the plate.

We mix the broad bean puree well and put a ladle on the plate, add the chicory on top with the crostone next to it.


Broad beans are healthy carriers of proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins ! They nourish and warm, they bring back those genuine flavors of tradition, they have the magical power to unite diversity and make them feel good together!

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