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Article: Divine Pears: Vegan pear dessert

Pere divine: Dessert di pere vegano

Divine Pears: Vegan pear dessert

This is an elegant, easy and wholesome vegan dessert! Cooking time approximately 60 minutes. I present to you the best way to perfume your home and surprise your palates! This is a historical but little-known recipe... it was given to me by Daniela, a very dear friend of mine, a long time ago... I assure you that once you try it you will never forget it... elegant, soft and fragrant just like you, Daniela!


2 Williams pears
1 liter of merlot wine
3-4 cloves
cinnamon sticks (3-4) and powder
2 tablespoons honey
vanilla rice ice cream



Peel the pears, cut them in two, remove the core, and boil them in a pan with the merlot, cinnamon sticks, cloves and honey for about an hour over a low heat. After about an hour of cooking, remove the pears from the wine and place them on the plate next to two scoops of vanilla rice ice cream, covered with cinnamon powder. The contrast between the heat of the pear and the sauce and the cold of the ice cream makes every bite magical!


These pears are very tasty, they best express the colors of autumn. They warm the heart and envelop the house with aroma.

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