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Article: The wine (organic!)
it is the poetry of the earth

Il vino (bio!) <br>è la poesia della terra

The wine (organic!)
it is the poetry of the earth

The great protagonist of autumn is wine, nectar of the gods, cross and delight of every gourmet. But while there are thousands and thousands of industrial brands on the market, the trend of this last decade is the return to the origins, to the use of artisanal production methods , without the use of chemicals or the addition of sugars and additives.

The production of organic wine , certified by specific labelling, is now becoming increasingly popular throughout the world and now represents an important percentage of the entire wine sector. To show you this world more closely, we will take you to discover one of the most fascinating regions of France, Burgundy , and we will visit some of the historic cellars that have wanted to keep the production process faithful to the past.

Our tour begins at the Clos des Vignes du Maynes winery ( ) in Macon-Cruzille. Splendid location among the vineyards, ancient cellar full of historic bottles and warm welcome from the owner Julien Guillot, who arrived directly from the fields with his boots still dirty with mud and a happy expression after having sweated all day in his vineyards. Thanks to his passion and expertise, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious wines and learn directly from the owner about many characteristics of the land, the various blends and each individual grape variety. An oenology lesson and an unmissable tasting! Not to be missed and possibly to be purchased are the red Macon Cruzille Rouge and Manganite, and the white Macon Cruzille Aragonite.

The second stop is Corgoloin to visit the Desertaux-Ferrand winery ( ), masterfully guided by Bernard and Janine. The cellar is less scenic than the previous one but the wines are equally excellent. To start a tasting or dinner, a glass of Aligotè will help you prepare your palate for the next wines, which are much more structured and with a strong character. The vineyards are located on the border between Coté de Nuits and Coté de Beaune, therefore in one of the best points for growing grapes. Our favorites were definitely the Pommard, Coté de Nuits Villages “Creux de Sobron” and Ladoix reds and the brut Cremant de Bourgogne.

Last stop before arriving in picturesque Beaune is in Fixin, in the Domaine Molin winery ( ). Small family-run business for several generations, great passion in every aspect of production and incredible hospitality. The tasting took place, as usual in Burgundy, moving from a light Aligoté white to structured whites, up to the more complex reds and an exquisite Marc de Bourgogne. As lovers of red wines, and given the delicacies of the area, we advise you not to miss the reds Rouge Les Chenevieres, Fixin 1er Cru and Marsannay Rouge.

We mentioned the delicacies of the area and obviously we cannot talk about wine without associating it with food! For lovers of strong flavours, Burgundy will reserve many pleasant surprises, first and foremost an infinite variety of cheeses, both cow's and goat's, ideal for enjoying the more complex reds. Another delicacy of the area is the veal and the delicious escargot au gratin with butter, definitely unmissable! Once you reach the north of the region, just past the colorful Beaune, you enter the territory of Dijon and the world of mustard, the real one!

You will therefore have the opportunity to have lunch in wonderful restaurants surrounded by vineyards , sipping excellent wines and tasting sensational dishes, to say the least, a perfect mix for a Genuine Innovative Natural trip beyond the Alps!

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