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Article: Artisanal panettone:
Without preservatives and artificial flavors

Il panettone artigianale: <br> Senza conservanti e aromi artificiali

Artisanal panettone:
Without preservatives and artificial flavors


Christmas is now upon us and we can finally talk about one of the delights we will find on our tables, panettone! Supermarkets are already full of hundreds of industrial products, but we want to take you to discover the artisanal panettone that shares the values ​​of CasaGIN : free of any preservatives, artificial flavors and colourings. To get to know this dessert better, we (voluntarily!) came across the panettone which in 2016 beat the competition in various confectionery competitions, precisely to test the best that the market has to offer. We visited the Mazzari Pasticceria in Padua and discovered the secrets of his masterpiece!

Strictly natural and top quality ingredients , a traditional recipe perfectly executed by expert and passionate hands and the absolute absence of preservatives, artificial flavours, colorings and all the chemical ingredients found in industrial panettone.

Just by listening to the list of ingredients you can imagine how delicious Mazzari panettone can be! Try to imagine before your eyes the pastry chef who passionately mixes flour (strictly zero km!), egg yolks, granulated sugar, Belgian butter with 82% fat, very fragrant Madagascar vanilla beans (very expensive after a cyclone devastated a large part of the island's plantations), acacia honey, and last but fundamental, the secret of this dough , a mother yeast lovingly worked every day for 50 years! Every day, Christmas and August included, the yeast is refreshed with warm water to eliminate impurities and is left to rest with the addition of flour to restore nutrients and life to the bacterial flora of the yeast.


The elegant and refined scent of Madagascar vanilla then accompanied us to discover this slow and patient preparation of the dough, leavening and cooking. The dough is so delicate that depending on the external temperature and humidity, the pastry chefs must adjust the leavening time, which can vary from 15 to 20 hours, strictly in a natural environment, to let the mother yeast work autonomously and thus create a Incredible softness and a completely genuine taste.

Once leavened, Sicilian candied fruit and the renowned Australian raisins , unique for their consistency and softness, are added to give further aroma to the dough, and the panettone is ready for baking. Unlike industrial products, Mazzari panettone, having no preservatives, must be consumed within a month, but offers its maximum aroma and taste after 15/20 days. However, I challenge you to last 15 days without digging your fork into this delight, we couldn't wait more than 24 hours! You can book your panettone here !

What do CasaGIN products and Mazzari panettone have in common? They are both genuine, innovative, natural products that are good for the body and the spirit !

Merry Christmas GIN!

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