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Article: Cuddles in the kitchen:
Genuine Innovative Natural Cuisine

Coccole in cucina: <br> Cucina Genuina Innovativa Naturale

Cuddles in the kitchen:
Genuine Innovative Natural Cuisine

The idea for this column was born from the meeting of my innate passion for cooking with the values ​​of CasaGIN. I called it "Cuddles in the kitchen" to give you an idea of ​​what my recipes are: a treat that I give myself every day when I return home and that I would like to share with YOU!

Taking care of ourselves and the people we love also involves food, which, like a cuddle, gives us that warmth useful for facing life. I had the honor of meeting and living with women who made me experience healthy and, at the same time, tasty food. Since I was little I played with preparing the vegetables that my grandmother and mother grew in the garden, I looked at them, I removed them from the ground, I dusted them on the fly and then... I tasted them. The true taste of those seasonal fruits made me aware of their great value and versatility. The use of aromatic herbs and spices gradually made me abandon the use of salt almost completely. Each dish is born from the combinations that the raw materials inspire me and from their magical encounter with my hands. The dishes are tasted and adjusted by my love Matteo and by the friends who come to our house, the recipes are passed on to my colleagues and friends who, by making them, have found excellent results!


My GIN cuisine is healthy, fast, tasty cuisine! The recipes proposed are easy, genuine and tasty, made especially for those who love taking care of their diet. In a healthy way and in a short time you can create excellent solutions for lunch (takeaway) and dinner.

What you need to know for the success of these recipes is that the products are:

  • Purchased genuine, km 0 or slightly more, preferably directly from the producers. Today in every city there is an agricultural market with vegetables, fruit, legumes, meats, cheeses, wines, honey and more... otherwise it is possible to place orders online in ethical agricultural cooperatives.

  • Consumed fresh (within a week).

  • Maintained as completely as possible. Avoid cooking for too long in order to preserve its nutritional principles.

GIN Tips :

  1. It is essential to always start the meal with some raw vegetables (arugula, cherry tomatoes, peppers...) in order to stimulate the metabolism and prepare the body for the intake of complex foods.

  2. For good digestibility it is excellent to prefer:
    – extra virgin olive oil with butter or other fats
    – pecorino or goat cheeses
    – raw before cooked
    – vary foods
    – use spices and seeds instead of salt

  3. Make it at home, don't use pre-cooked ones: to make a genuine risotto it takes the same time that a freeze-dried risotto requires in a bag to be ready!

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