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Article: Ortaglia Gavazza:
tradition meets hospitality

Ortaglia Gavazza:<br> la tradizione incontra l'ospitalità

Ortaglia Gavazza:
tradition meets hospitality

In these days of pandemic the world of travel and events is going through a very difficult period. Italy has always been the most desired destination by everyone : history, creativity, fashion, good food and an immense artistic, cultural and landscape heritage make our beautiful country unique in its kind. This is why here at CasaGIN we believe that tourism represents a magical bridge between different countries and cultures . A tool capable of connecting, uniting and growing. Returning to a phrase by Tiziano Terzani, through travel and exploration each of us has the opportunity to see the universe as a whole in which each part reflects the whole and in which the great beauty lies in its diversity.

This is precisely what makes our friends of Ortaglia Gavazza , a location capable of bringing together well-being of mind, body and spirit . A country house, or country house to use an English term, immersed in greenery and distant from metropolitan frenzy. A place of comparison where the logo already tells its essence: a hexagon, an image of totality and perfection, a basic element that makes up almost all animal and plant tissues. In the six triangles obtained by joining the diagonals, the creators of this concept, Michele and Patti, want to represent the themes at the center of this idea: sustainability , well-being, health, relationships, home and food . A farmhouse in the heart of the Brescia countryside where anyone who wishes can feed themselves, in the broadest sense of the term. Here, travel becomes one of the most rewarding forms of introspection.

Ortaglia Gavazza was born from the common thought of its owners, who in 2018 chose to make a part of their home public, using it as a location for events. We started with the creation of a vegetable garden divided into four squares, they tell us. To then create spaces intended for socializing, such as the theater of flavors , where it is possible to hold concerts, speeches and presentations: the perfect kiosk for everything related to food-related events. And there is also a green market, which becomes an opportunity for customers to taste the first fruits of the earth.

A project that has its roots in antiquity . In fact, Ortaglia originates from the Latin term hortus , with which the ancient Romans indicated the plot of land where the vegetables intended to satisfy the family's food needs were grown. Gavazza instead means abandoning yourself with joy and serenity to the entertainment and pleasures of life. And this is precisely what Michele and Patti want for their guests: to give companies and individuals the opportunity to do what they usually do in a closed space, but in this case outdoors, in a place that at the same time regenerates both the physical and mental. And it does so in a natural and sustainable way, because today more than ever sustainability is a model to follow in order to pursue development, in such a way that resources are respected and used wisely . The Earth's resources represent fundamental and irreplaceable factors of economic growth; Precisely for this reason it is important to bring this issue to everyone's attention.

This splendid farmhouse can be rented as a gigantic empty box which, depending on the type of event, can be customized to your liking , relying on your personal tastes or the experience of those who are able to sew a perfect dress, giving life to customized formats. measures that will satisfy any request. To do this, Ortaglia Gavazza enjoys the support of creative and communication agencies that have been working for years on a national and international scale, also providing the professionalism of an excellent catering service, refined and at the same time eclectic.


Their goal: to work well so that this corner of paradise increasingly becomes a need, rather than a service . The family's business ethos is to work closely with local businesses and communities. Working together and united to make local products and services among the most sought after in the world. So as to fulfill every traveler's dream and take it where no one has ever been, because every day, this farmhouse surrounded by nature is a new place .

With this global recession will also come opportunities. And if we, as a country and a system, strive to distinguish ourselves by quality, tradition, courtesy and passion, we can show the best of us and overcome this difficult moment. This phrase contains the spirit that must move us daily as a civilization linked to the culture of the earth, of which we preserve the most remote teachings .

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