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Article: Awareness to overcome the virus

La consapevolezza per vincere il virus

Awareness to overcome the virus

“Don't try to calm the storm. Take it easy. The storm will pass." – Buddha

For several weeks now we have all found ourselves locked up in our homes due to an increasingly fearsome virus that is changing our lives , throwing us into a reality that we would never have imagined until a few months ago. Despite this, as the pandemic spreads, some universal truths are forcefully asserting themselves: first of all, everyone is forced to deal with themselves and choose how to respond to what is happening . Secondly, we are all realizing how much more important and potentially more viral love, compassion and unity are than COVID-19 .

However, although there is no shortage of good intentions, it is important to realize that the whole world is in a state of fear and uncertainty and for many of us all this can turn into something stressful and overwhelming. This type of fear, stress, uncertainty and overwhelm can have very serious effects on our lives : anxiety, worsening of sleep and health, depression, propensity to make bad decisions, deterioration of personal relationships, lowered productivity and concentration and an impact negative about happiness. So, how can we get out of this situation and bring out the best in us? Obviously, the answer to this question is not at all simple. We must rely on Zen masters to understand that we must first face uncertainty and fear head on.

The first thing to do is to admit that we are in difficulty and that we are living in a state of stress on a global level. This will allow us to increase awareness of the feelings we experience and recognize their presence. Often, in fact, we are led to ignore our feelings, adopting a sort of automatic pilot that leads us to follow emotions without being aware of them. Instead, we must take care of ourselves and our sensations, so as to leave them the right space. But not only; we can use these moments to practice. We often close ourselves off to fear and uncertainty, without realizing that we have powerful tools in front of us with which to practice: the best teachers are ourselves!

So let's give ourselves a few moments of practice, because uncertainty, fear and stress will always be part of our lives . So why not turn this into something positive? Only by practicing accepting what we are and how we feel can we live life in its totality and complexity. Let our awareness become broader than our physical body. We leave space for every light, color, shape, sound and texture. We savor the nature of this moment: fluid, changing, unknowable, dynamic, spacious. This is the nature of our world, the root of uncertainty . Something we should already be used to and always fascinated by. We just have to find a way to experience this openness with tranquility and relaxation .

Finally, let us open ourselves to a connection to others through our uncertainty and fear . As we sit in silence, as we feel the sensations in our body, as we welcome the feelings and practice friendship with them, as we experience openness to the present… we can also feel a connection with others. Let's think of everyone else in the world who experiences similar feelings of discomfort. Similar levels of stress, overwhelm, anxiety. We are not alone, each of us is experiencing the same moment in a certain sense! In this way, we are all connected . Let our hearts feel this connection with others going through similar experiences. We send them compassion and love, wishing them well.


In this way, our fear and uncertainty, in these uncertain times, will become a way to open ourselves to connection and compassion. Let's not close ourselves off, ignore and try to control or destroy our sensations. Let's practice instead : let's breathe deeply using our belly, control our feelings, give ourselves and share compassion, find a way to talk to someone, try to be kind, express gratitude, find time for a mental break. Health is not only linked to what we use to eat and dress , but also what we think and say. Now more than ever, it is essential to have emotional resilience to get through this difficult time and come out the other side, ready to move forward. We will make it. Together, even if we are physically separated.

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