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Article: The sexual secrets of the East:
the alchemy of ecstasy

I segreti sessuali dell’Oriente: <br> l'alchimia dell'estasi

The sexual secrets of the East:
the alchemy of ecstasy

Passion and curiosity are the two elements that drive innovation every day at CasaGIN . Not only in materials, products and processes but also in contents. Our Magazine, every week, aims to inspire, train and connect people through greater awareness on issues related to human and environmental well-being. We believe this is the best tool for a deep approach to social change. This is why we have decided to launch a new column dedicated to discovering the most interesting books around . And we want to start with a work that, in a certain sense, summarizes the meaning of our existence; and who sees the essence of the world in the relationship between man and woman. The Sexual Secrets of the East: The Alchemy of Ecstasy explores the path of love and mysticism, building on the legacy and wisdom of the great cultures of the East. Written by Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger, this volume is the result of years of exploration and literary study of Eastern philosophy, sexuality, and medicine, including Sanskrit and Tibetan writings, as well as ancient documents transmitted by tantric masters of the Far East.

The intensity of this work is perceived even before the introduction, focusing on the quote from the Chinese master Shang-Ku-San-Tai:

“The union of man and woman is like that of Heaven and Earth. It is thanks to their correct union that Heaven and Earth last forever. The knowledge of this secret opens the Path that leads to immortality.” The Alchemy of ecstasy is configured as a real tool for the transmission of knowledge, rather than as a mere intellectual study. The authors here are able to coordinate tantric teachings from India, Tibet, China and the Middle East. However the style is simple, lucid and pragmatic. Instructions and descriptions are emphasized by the fine erotic art of author (and artist) Penny Slinger and through reproductions of original essays, some of which depict age-old positions and techniques. Furthermore, the text contains many ancient references. As a passage taken from the Kalachakra Tantra:

“The breath, the intellect and the seed represent the three elements constituting Enlightenment. Only through harmonious and conscious control can human beings achieve their transcendental spontaneity. Erotic feeling stimulates faith and can create eternal awareness. Be devoted to everything you believe in and especially to the transforming power of sexual energy. A couple united in faith and mutual devotion can come to experience their true divine nature.” The book is divided into three sections: Bramha, Shiva and Vishnu, each of which represents a specific aspect of the sexual experience.

Brahma is the attitude of creative optimism, the desire to change one's habits or way of relating. Its nature embraces the sixty-four arts of the Kama Sutra; music, singing, dancing, writing, cooking, etc. Although these arts are not explicitly sexual, they complement the personality and increase individual attractiveness.

Shiva is pure consciousness, unconditional and transcendent, the spontaneous realm of yogic delight, the timeless joy of selfless love. And the peace that follows orgasm. Since Shiva manifests himself through the spinal column, he also symbolizes kundalini, the highest form of spiritual energy, which allows the act of love to be elevated to another dimension: a mystically characterized love experience.

Vishnu, the animating and preserving principle of living beings, is a kind of Indian cupid. Master over erotic feeling, feminine mysteries and dance. His emblems are the lotus, the club, the disc and the conch; his wife, or Sakti, is Laksmi, goddess of fortune, prosperity and beauty.

On a more practical level this text introduces a wide variety of preparatory practices, many of which include breathing, the recitation of formulas (or mantras) and visualizations or projections of symbols and archetypes. A must for yoga enthusiasts and beyond:

“The meaning of the word Yoga is 'to put together', 'to unite'. In the tantric tradition, sexual union is considered the highest form of Yoga. Yoga is the practice of transcendent dualism through conscious action. Practiced correctly and with perseverance, it can eliminate the tensions and fatigue of modern life. It rejuvenates the body and mind, relaxes the muscles, calms the nerves and tones the internal organs. A fundamental requirement for the correct practice of Tantra.”

A book for everyone, which reports research and scientific evidence to support remote and forgotten theses. In short, The Sexual Secrets of the East is a timeless classic for anyone seeking greater inner peace and a relationship of greater esteem and respect with their partner. Perhaps, the wisdom and experience of the tantric path is more necessary today than ever. We live on a planet threatened by wars, pandemics and selfishness. The dark age in which we are immersed presents countless obstacles, which make spiritual maturation difficult. At CasaGIN we believe that more responsible and sustainable behavior for the environment and the planet necessarily comes from a deep connection with one's self, from union with others and from reconnection with nature.

Knowledge of others leads to wisdom; Self-knowledge leads to enlightenment.

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