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Article: The best documentaries on sustainability

I migliori documentari sulla sostenibilità

The best documentaries on sustainability

In recent years, technological advancement has revolutionized our lives significantly, taking on an increasingly central role in society . It is changing and will continue to evolve every aspect of how we live. It is changing the way we communicate, the way we do business, the way we learn and teach, and even the way our intellectual faculties operate. With the arrival of technology, the entire society has modified its habitat in order to adapt it to ever-changing needs with the aim of shortening distances, at least virtually. Modern society offers students more and more options, which go far beyond what they could have ever imagined. In the past, for example, people could only educate themselves at school. But today, each of us just needs a computer and a connection to access a potentially infinite universe of knowledge .

Google, Facebook, YouTube and Netflix are just some of the means we have at our disposal to inform ourselves, learn or simply divert attention from what is happening in the real world for a couple of hours. Today we can watch a multitude of films and TV series in streaming, like never before. But not only that: the network also offers a series of increasingly interesting documentaries on topics that are increasingly at the center of attention. This is why we have collected a selection of the most interesting documentaries available online on sustainability .

1. Tomorrow

Is a better future for us and the planet really possible? This documentary aims to demonstrate this to us with an exciting and stimulating journey around the world, in search of effective solutions to change our lifestyle for the better. A journey in search of local communities and people who are working on creative solutions to overcome increasingly important environmental and social challenges.

2. Chasing the ice

Years of photographs taken day after day during a special expedition reconstruct the retreat of the ice in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Montana. “It's a magical, miraculous, horrible and scary thing” is one of the most representative phrases of the documentary. Convincing and heartbreaking evidence of the effects of global warming on the planet's glaciers, which leads us to reflect on our role and responsibilities as a species.

3. An inconvenient truth 2

A sequel that continues to follow the activities of politician and environmentalist Al Gore as he tries to convince world leaders to invest in sustainable and renewable energy sources. A documentary that led to the signing of the recent Paris Agreement, with the aim of reducing global warming.

4. Minimalism

This sustainability documentary critically explores modern consumerism and introduces minimalism as a counter-ideology. A project that portrays people from all walks of life – families, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, etc. – who strive to live a more meaningful life, with the goal of having a greater appreciation for the truly important things in life.

5. Cowspiracy

A representation of how intensive agriculture is depleting the planet's natural resources. Director Kip Andersen, a highly committed environmentalist, follows a path of maturation in an attempt to reduce man's impact on the planet. To discover that the impact of the animal industry, both intensive and organic, on Earth is enormous; in terms of deforestation, water consumption and resource waste.

6. The true cost

A trip to thirteen countries to discover the truth about consumerist fashion. A journey through the devastating effects of global capitalism that make fashion so polluting that it even surpasses the oil industry. Through interviews with environmentalists, garment workers, factory owners, founders of fair trade companies, and economists, the documentary explores fashion's impact on the planet.

7. 2040

A documentary by director Damon Gameau, dedicated to his young daughter. Worried about his future, he travels around the world to find out what can be done to solve global warming. With a positive attitude towards one of the world's biggest problems, this film is a great learning tool that offers some optimism in an increasingly cynical society.

8. Chasing coral

In the last 30 years, half of the coral reefs have been lost, but the hope of saving these extraordinary life forms is still alive. A documentary to discover that corals are not just living beings, but real animals that are extremely complex in their simplicity and wonder. But also a way to understand how these creatures play a fundamental role in the well-being of the marine ecosystem and the entire planet, thanks to a symbiotic relationship with their surroundings.

Never before has humanity been so grateful to technology for the opportunities it offers us. And while most of us are almost helpless in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, this is perhaps the best time to make our way through the best documentaries on sustainability , so as to understand what some of the potential causes are that have brought us to this paradoxical situation . A great way to educate ourselves to be better people.

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