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Article: How much is made in Italy worth ?

Quanto <s>costa</s> vale il made in Italy?

How much is made in Italy worth ?

The most precious gift we can give someone is our attention. We start from this assumption every time we develop something new in CASAGiN. This is because the philosophy behind us develops from people around people . It is precisely from this concept that our reality was born: much more than a startup, much more than a company, much more than an enterprise; we are in fact, first of all, an idea , that is, the result of the activity of human thought, the way that our imagination uses to respond to a need. And an idea was born from a person, in this case Daniela, who with her passion for fashion, clothing and well-made things, decided a few years ago to give life to a new way of being, capable of respond to the most intimate needs of each of its customers: ethics and well-being . To do this he chose the path of excellence, understood as love for things done well, and ethics, understood as building value in the long term through sustainability, transparency and the valorisation of people, involving procurement, production, communication and distribution, but also sensoriality.

Thus a dream came true, which through an infinite series of bureaucratic procedures, a chain of ad hoc collaborations and a group of people who shared the same philosophy, made that idea into a real company. But this was not enough to make our project unique: a detail was missing that still distinguishes us today from a future increasingly oriented towards globalization and the lack of territorial identity - we are talking about a (almost) 0 kilometer supply chain , which brings together a network of small, exclusively Italian artisan businesses to support quality, tradition and these precious activities that characterize our country.

That idea that germinated in Daniela saw its first seed in eco-sustainable crops capable of giving life to natural fibers such as beech, eucalyptus fiber and organic cotton , which then, through a path of certified spinning and selected weaving , bring to light the antibacterial, breathable and very soft fabrics that we use today to develop the models of our underwear , homewear and sportswear collections. The art of cutting and packaging is the last piece needed to put our garments on the market, through a dedicated website full of information, a network of over 60 shops throughout Italy and many other partner websites who distribute our products all over the world. This is the process that lies at the basis of our creations and we have always tried to share the search for well-being, sustainability and Made in Italy .

But a few days ago we took a further step forward and for the occasion we wanted to involve an artist and artisan friend of the CASAGiN team. Her name is Claudia and with her help we have developed a further detail to make our products and our packaging even more unique : thanks to her creativity and her illustrations, from today, for every CASAGiN purchase, you will find inside the packaging that we prepare by hand for you (using compostable sachets ), a nice reproduction that highlights the production process that we have just described, with the aim of bringing the real value of Made in Italy to everyone's attention: not so much how much it costs, but rather how much it is worth…

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