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Article: Because Padel is the sport of the moment

Perché il Padel è lo sport del momento

Because Padel is the sport of the moment

Padel was invented by the American Reverend Frank Beal in 1898 who decided to name it after the flat and hard racket used to play , a paddel racket in fact. In fact, it was originally called Paddle (literally paddle) but following its subsequent diffusion in Argentina and Spain the name changed to become 'Padel'. In 1915 Beal was given permission to build a paddle tennis court in Washington Square Park where the first match took place in 1922. A year later the United States Padel Tennis Association was inaugurated and by 1941 over 500 American cities were playing padel tennis.

Today it is a sport similar to tennis and squash , practiced in many countries, particularly in Argentina where in 1993 there were already 35,000 courts and 4,500,000 players. The first courts in Italy were built in 1991 and for a few years now, there has been padel mania. Italian cities are filled with playgrounds, the federation has more and more members and it is said that those who try it once will never abandon it. In fact, in our country, in recent years, padel has seen an important surge. Since 2008 this discipline has been recognized by CONI and has become part of Federtennis: thus began its continuous and unstoppable rise.

The sport is practiced by women and men of all ages, it is a simple and dynamic sport that is good for psychophysical health and helps to keep fit by toning the muscles of the arms and buttocks, helping to improve physical resistance, muscular power and the production of endorphins that counteract anxiety and stress. This discipline uses a racket and a ball but it is the court that distinguishes it: a rectangle 10 meters wide and 20 meters long with a net in the center and four walls that delimit the area. Four people enter a padel court and compete 2 against 2. The two members of the team have fairly defined roles: generally, the player on the right has a more defensive and strategic role, while the one on the left is more offensive , with an explosive and attacking game. Basically, the rules of padel are those of tennis, but smaller, full-plate rackets with small holes are used, while the ball used can be much softer than that of tennis, or the same, depending on the category. It is possible to hit on the fly, after a touch on the ground, from the bank and the walls, in addition to not letting the ball go out of the field, are an active part of the game since the rebounds can be exploited. The serve is done diagonally, from bottom to top and the ball must bounce on the court before being sent back. As in tennis, the ball must be hit before the second bounce on the ground and a point is scored every time the ball hits a wall before bouncing on the ground, when it bounces off the net, when it bounces twice on the ground or when it is bounced back by a player bounces off the floor of the opposing court beyond the area limitation or bounces twice onto the opposing court. It is an aerobic sport that involves the whole body and helps burn calories as well as working on coordination and speed, quick reflexes and focusing attention.


Padel tennis gained notoriety during the lockdown period : many people tried their hand at this sport, having fun even in a dark period like this. But what is the secret of padel tennis? How did it manage to become popular and become the most played sport during quarantine? Padel was the only sport that could be practiced during the lockdown period, as long as it was played in designated facilities and with a distance of one meter between players. Another factor that has brought new players closer is certainly the simplicity of the rules: padel, compared to football or tennis, is beginner friendly; this means that, even if you are not sporty, you can still have an exciting, non-tiring and, above all, fun game. The equipment is also quite simple and light. Just equip yourself with a good racket, t-shirt and shorts , and a pair of shoes with soles that allow you to have grip and not slip on the bottom of the court.

All we can do is wish you a lot of fun and if you want advice on the perfect clothing to use for your next padel game, choose Be.GiN . From running to trekking, from walking in the city to the gym circuit, from football to padel, our lines are created to satisfy the most demanding athletes, in any type of physical activity. The characteristic softness, high breathability, resistance and compression will make your training sessions lighter, helping you to lengthen your workouts, leaving your skin dry, decreasing the formation of lactic acid, increasing comfort and allowing you to always push yourself in search of the best performance.

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