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Article: Menstrual underwear: what they are and how to choose the right one for you

Mutande Mestruali: cosa sono e come scegliere quella adatta a te

Menstrual underwear: what they are and how to choose the right one for you

Menstrual underwear: what they are and how to choose the right one for you

Menstrual underwear or also called absorbent underwear are a new ecological and sustainable alternative to disposable products for managing the menstrual cycle. These are real underwear, preferably made of eco-sustainable natural fabric, which can be washed and reused , thus reducing the environmental impact and also the monthly cost for menstrual products.

Are you still skeptical? Here are the 5 reasons why every woman and person who menstruates should have at least 2 pairs in their wardrobe :

closeup photo of two girls wearing two black organic cotton menstrual panties

Absorbency and protection:

The first doubt we often hear is: are they really reliable? And we can only answer YES, indeed, they protect for longer than traditional sanitary pads which must be changed several times during the day. The menstrual panties have been designed to offer maximum absorbency and protection.

Thanks to their green technology, the absorbent layer retains humidity inside, keeping the underwear always dry, avoiding bad odors . Our absorbent briefs guarantee protection for up to 12 hours for a medium-abundant flow. You'll stay cool and dry all day, every day.

No more disposable:

Have you ever thought about how many tampons, internal or external, you will use in your pre-menopausal life? The latest statistics show that a woman uses more than 16,000 sanitary pads in her life and these data do not even include postpartum feminine hygiene products or products for urinary leakage. A single disposable sanitary pad is made up of 90% plastic and a whole pack is equivalent to the pollution of 4 plastic bags.

But that's not all, despite being plastic it is a non-recoverable and therefore non-recyclable waste , being classified as "special waste" like hospital waste. By choosing a reusable product like menstrual underwear you can significantly reduce your environmental impact in an easy and convenient way.

woman wearing organic cotton and TENCEL hipster culotte style absorbent menstrual panty, full frontal shot

One product, infinite possibilities:

Although they were created for cycle management, absorbent underwear can be a help for all women in various stages of life . Many of our customers ask us if they are also suitable for urinary leaks , a little discussed but very common topic, and in fact they are the ideal and very convenient product for managing any type of leak . Furthermore, for minimal leaks it is possible to use the absorbent underwear for the next 24 hours as if it were normal underwear.

Another important topic to address is postpartum leakage . Also in this case, absorbent underwear can be an excellent green alternative. For an abundant flow it is recommended to change underwear after 8 hours instead of 12.

Long-term savings:

With an average lifespan of 2-3 years based on use and washing, period panties can be an economical alternative to single-use products such as disposable tampons and pads. By purchasing 2-3 absorbent underwear you can manage the entire cycle, changing them every evening and every morning.

woman wearing organic cotton and TENCEL absorbent menstrual panties, full rear shot

No more irritation:

The menstrual panties have been designed to have excellent absorbency, but without causing discomfort, irritation or allergies . The briefs made of natural fabrics such as certified organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell eucalyptus fiber do not contain toxic chemicals and convey a unique sensation of well-being and lightness in direct contact with the private parts. These natural and hypoallergenic fabrics are ideal for sensitive skin and significantly reduce the risk of intimate infections , which is higher during the menstrual cycle.

Have we intrigued you? So we'll show you what factors to take into consideration before making the purchase!

woman wearing organic cotton and TENCEL hipster culotte style absorbent menstrual panty, full rear shot

How to choose menstrual panties:

To choose the right menstrual panties, it is important to take some factors into consideration:


The materials used to make the garment can influence the comfort and durability of the product . Furthermore, it is essential to avoid synthetic fabrics with toxic components that can be harmful to the environment and your health. Choosing certified organic and natural fabrics is the only way to have a healthy product that can give well-being to your body.


There are various models of menstrual panties that represent a perfect balance between comfort and functionality . While coverage is key, period panties can be sexy and beautiful! It is possible to choose between more classic briefs models and models that wrap the leg well such as culottes or Hipster models. Choose your model.


The quantity to purchase depends on your needs . While it's not possible to completely avoid other period management products with a single menstrual panty , it could be a great test for approaching the world of period panties in an informed way . Having just a panty could be a great alternative to a pad at night . By washing it by hand or in the washing machine every morning, you can reuse the same panty every night , thus saving 4-6 sanitary pads depending on the length of the cycle.

Once you have become familiar with it, by purchasing two briefs you can cover the entire cycle , changing and washing briefs every morning and every evening. And having 3 and other subsequent models allows us to manage the cycle completely without disposable products and with the possibility of washing multiple models at the same time in the washing machine.


Choosing quality menstrual underwear is the only way to ensure you have a sustainable product that lasts a long time . We advise you to invest in fine and certified fabrics with the highest European standards and to look for patented absorption technologies , to find the right and reliable product that protects us, month after month.

woman wearing organic cotton and TENCEL hipster culotte style absorbent menstrual panty, front closeup shot

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