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Article: Eco-sustainable fashion

Moda ecosostenibile

Eco-sustainable fashion

We have been talking for some time about how attention to the environment also passes through the choice of what we decide to wear, especially since fashion is the second most polluting industrial sector in the world. The most important principle is sustainability: producing garments that are designed to do good not only for people but also for the environment around us. The second principle that we take into consideration before choosing our producers is ethics, i.e. working conditions and the well-being of workers. For us everything is fundamental: from the design to the creation of the garment, from the treatment of the fabrics to the disposal of production residues.

100% Casa GIN eco-sustainable fashion

Many fashion industries, among the most important ones, are recently opening up to the possibility of eco-sustainable collections . But what does an item of clothing need to be truly eco-sustainable? What are the interventions that are important to implement from production to distribution? The first intervention is certainly the elimination of toxic substances. The substances in question are not biodegradable, i.e. they contain residues which spread into waste water during washing, causing extensive environmental damage. The problem is not isolated to the industrial supply chain. The final consumer himself, by washing clothes, pollutes the environment.

Casa GIN's eco-sustainable choice

Respecting the people who use our garments every day as well as the environment, we have chosen to produce using only 100% natural materials in order to safeguard the planet. The raw materials we use are renewable and biodegradable , without this meaning giving up some fundamental characteristics especially for underwear , such as:

– softness;
– delicacy;
– elasticity.

Our products are made with fabrics derived from eucalyptus and beech wood, processed according to botanical principles based on a virtuous circle that returns from the tree to the tree.


Our 100% green fashion

We have chosen to produce eco-sustainable clothing by choosing the environment without giving up the comfort and beauty of garments capable of doing good, especially for the skin.


CasaGIN briefs are 100% natural and do not stress the body. Available in white, black, grey, pink, blue, powder.


Our bodysuits are made of 92% micromodal and 8% elastane.

Tank top

Our tank top is made of micromodal, a natural fiber fabric Available in gray and black.

Leggings and Joggings

Our leggings and joggings are made of beech wood fiber which can reduce the formation of bacteria and skin infections. Available in black, grey, blue.

Browse the sections of our products and choose to embrace the ethical, 100% natural fashion of Casa GIN.

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