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Article: Luxury and sustainable fashion:
together it is possible

Lusso e moda sostenibile:<br> insieme è possibile

Luxury and sustainable fashion:
together it is possible

At CasaGIN we believe in it (and we are doing everything we can to make a dream come true): sustainable luxury may require some sacrifices, but it is possible . A few weeks ago, at the G7 summit , French President Emmanuel Macron announced the “ Fashion Pact ” to protect the environment . The agreement signed by 150 brands , many of which are high-end, aims to achieve a series of objectives aimed at reducing the environmental impact regarding the fashion sector. This is encouraging news, especially since many of the agreement's supporters have not had a good relationship with issues such as sustainability, at least so far. However, while this is definitely a step in the right direction, there are those who wonder how luxury fashion can maintain its appeal in the absence of materials such as leather and cashmere . But the good news is that eco-friendly alternatives exist.

There are quite a few luxury brands that have undertaken a sustainable path long before the topic became of general interest. Stella McCartney is an example of this: it has operated with a sustainable approach towards the environment since the year of its foundation, 2001: the cashmere is recycled , no real leather is used and all the cotton is organic . It is said, among other things, that Fendi and Calvin Klein had also opted for sustainable synthetic fibres , already in the nineties. And we can continue with the examples.


According to a report by the famous INSEAD institute, there are three main ways to make luxury fashion sustainable without sacrificing style. Here they are:

Adopt a "slow fashion" mentality by reducing the number of annual collections and perhaps creating timeless collections.

Use alternative materials without compromising production cycles and consider reusing old materials obtained through fabric recycling programs.

Apply rigorous and valid regulations for any operator in the fashion field so as to guarantee common adherence to the concept of sustainability.

This is perhaps a radical approach , but it could be the push the industry needs to reduce environmental damage . However, concerns remain regarding:

Quality Standards : A major concern among brands. Customers pay a high price for something that should last a lifetime, and that's exactly what they should receive. It is therefore essential to use new fabrics that reflect the characteristics and durability of the old materials .

Cost : Another concern is the cost of switching to sustainable materials . Organic fabrics made to order require a longer production process and in many cases regulations and certifications act as obstacles. In short, sustainable fashion requires more intense work and time. But this is the sacrifice necessary for a cleaner world .

Sustainability is an important issue to consider, regardless of the brand we are talking about. The planet's resources are decreasing rapidly and the amount of waste produced is increasing. It is therefore essential to find valid alternatives in order to reduce the environmental impact of our actions . The well-being of the planet depends on it. When a company transmits a message of respect for the environment , it not only aligns itself with a movement, but influences its audience to make better purchasing decisions: the influence that a brand can have on the market becomes twofold. But only time will tell us whether luxury will be able to endure. In the meantime , let's pay attention to what we buy, thinking about the nature that surrounds us.

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