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Article: The ideal clothing for modern dance

L'abbigliamento ideale per la danza moderna

The ideal clothing for modern dance

The importance of choosing it well to give importance to the body

The history of modern dance began at the end of the 19th century, with the development of a discipline capable of differentiating itself from classical ballet, considered too rigid and narrow-minded. Starting from this basis, it was possible to give life to a real art form capable of enhancing the sensuality and personality of the dancer, who is left free both in his movements and in the choice of wearing comfortable and not bulky clothes. From its origins to the present day, modern dance has made giant strides, also meeting disciplines such as fitness and taking inspiration from other traditions, such as African-American culture. Today, it is no coincidence that there is a lot of talk about zumba dance, jazz dance and contemporary dance. Modern dance, ideal for those who want to enhance the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and do physical activity while having fun, must be approached with full respect for the body, optimizing freedom of movement and minimizing the risks of irritation or excessive sweating. This is why it is very important to choose clothing for modern dance well.

How to choose clothing for modern dance and what are the most important items

The first piece of advice for those looking for the perfect clothing for modern dance is to wear tight-fitting clothing, so as to allow the body complete freedom of movement and the teacher to correct any incorrect postures. What can we say, however, about footwear? To practice modern dance in the best way it is necessary to seek comfort first of all. Therefore make room for flat and soft shoes, but also for light and breathable socks. For the latter it is advisable to move towards products made with 100% natural materials, perfect for avoiding the risk of irritation and allergies.

Sports socks in eucalyptus fiber terry

When talking about modern dance clothing, it is therefore important to pay attention to the feet, which must be free to move. The eucalyptus fiber terry socks respond perfectly to this criterion, thanks above all to the vegetable fiber which allows an excellent level of breathability without sacrificing excellent elasticity (the socks adapt perfectly to the wearer's foot).

Thongs suitable for sports

Choosing a thong suitable for sporting activities is of fundamental importance to be able to train comfortably. Ecological vegetable fiber thongs are perfect for those who want to wear underwear that is pleasing to the eye and at the same time practical and breathable. Without elastic waist, light and breathable, various colors are available, including black, white and grey.


The leotard is a real must-have for modern dance clothing. It is no coincidence that the CasaGIN proposal focuses on a bodysuit made of hypoallergenic fabric, suitable for all skin types and with a wide strap to ensure maximum comfort. Handmade garment, it is perfect for those who practice modern dance and do not want to give up aesthetic details. It is in fact possible to choose between the gray and black model.

Leggings and joggings

Leggings and joggings are items of clothing that caress the body without hindering its movements and which, thanks to the natural fibers with which they are made, ensure maximum respect for the skin. Super breathable, they are available in gray and black and can be worn in any season.

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