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Article: Sustainability becomes inclusive

La sostenibilità si fa inclusiva

Sustainability becomes inclusive

At CasaGIN we know that the transition to an ecological lifestyle is not always an easy path and every person who has undertaken this path finds himself facing new challenges and doubts every day. So if there are many who have kept pace with a sustainable life for a long time, it is also true that every day more and more people join this movement which is good for the planet and for us, its inhabitants . That's why we believe that every member of our community deserves a personalized shopping experience. Everything in CasaGIN is something to be proud of, to use at home, on your body and to share with your family, friends and colleagues. This means that everything is produced following ethical principles, with an eye to environmental sustainability and free of substances harmful to health .


Doing the right thing for our planet can be confusing. CasaGIN is a place suitable for those people who want to be part of the solution . What we do every day is develop new ideas and solutions to provide everyone with the knowledge necessary to live in a way that aligns with a healthy and genuine lifestyle. We are working hard to create new standards, raise the bar and redefine what the common good means. To do this we engage in many activities every day ranging from the choice of fabrics to order processing, from updating content to the photographic services necessary to present everything we produce. And this is exactly what we want to talk to you about today.

Last week we launched some new products aimed at curvier women . We started from our classic tank top and worked on an additional size capable of adapting to those who are curvier! We have introduced a new model of high-waisted briefs and we have strengthened our bralette with an elastic that never comes into contact with the skin. To present all these new features we invited some friends of CasaGIN to our offices, which for the occasion we converted into a real photographic set. All with the aim of involving those who are already part of our community, transforming these figures into real ambassadors of our brand. Because we believe in the beauty of every woman, regardless of shape, height or color . Too often, in fact, the fashion industry is a victim of standardization: diversity and inclusion are missing since it is a sector that only wants to satisfy a desire to appear.

With this innovative project we instead wanted to address all women, to uncover every interesting nuance and offer anyone the opportunity, at least for one day, to walk the catwalk and become testimonials of a sustainable and inclusive movement. Every person must be able to be part of society, without discrimination. And society must propose models that every person can identify with . Hari Nef, actress and model, says: “Diversity is everything. Inclusion leads to understanding, demystification, destigmatization. Fashion has the power to glorify bodies and identities – to include them in a narrative of luxury and beauty." We must therefore be able to look far ahead and recognize how different we are. We live in an era full of changes and opportunities. Never before, given the fragility of what surrounds us, is it necessary to accept ourselves and find the beauty and pleasure within ourselves.

In this new project that we have created we want everyone to be able to recognize and identify themselves . If the first steps of the CasaGIN project followed a philosophy linked to ethics and sustainability, respect for the environment and for the person and their body, the path we have undertaken this year is expanding and is leading us towards a new vision of the world where everything is linked by an invisible and interconnected thread, each person is unique and represents a model of non-replicable beauty . We are moving towards a shared and expanded culture of beauty, where everyone is welcome. To do this and therefore spread a new culture, we ask anyone who follows us to support us by sharing our contents and ideas. In the meantime, we thank you, we thank our ambassadors for the shots they gave us and we thank the many shops around Italy who believe in us, distribute our products and support us in pursuing our goals.

Every action we take is an opportunity to be better. Purchasing on CasaGIN means contributing to a better future for everyone.

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