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Article: Fashion becomes green and curvy

La moda si fa green e curvy

Fashion becomes green and curvy

There are few items as personal as those we wear under our clothes. Our underwear begins and ends the day with us . This is why it should be comfortable, make us feel confident and give us an image that is as in line as possible with values ​​linked to ethics and sustainability . In this sense, there are more and more ethical and sustainable eco clothing brands that respect both the person and the environment. CasaGIN is certainly among these; however we tried to do even more. CasaGIN wants to be synonymous with quality: quality of materials, quality of workmanship, quality of production processes, simplicity and beauty . CasaGIN underwear was born with the idea of ​​transmitting something positive to our being. The breathability of the materials combined with the softness and natural elasticity make our garments ideal for any situation. But it wasn't enough for us and we wanted to meet the needs of all people to create inclusive fashion. This is why we have developed a collection dedicated to the most comfortable sizes .


In these two years of activity we have created many products, focusing above all on materials . Raw materials from sustainable, certified and controlled sources such as Tencel Modal and Tencel Lyocell , derived from beech and eucalyptus wood; textile fibers resulting from the regeneration of recycled plastic polymers, recovering fishing nets abandoned in the seas around the world; organic cotton which is not subjected to any type of chemical treatment in any of the processing phases, which goes from sowing to the packaging of the garment. All this has allowed us and still allows us to deliver garments rich in beneficial properties to those who are part of our community . Clothing that is breathable, thermoregulatory, anti-microbial, hygroscopic, elastic, bright, soft, non-shrinking and non-fading, able to dry quickly, free of GMO substances and 90% biodegradable.


We studied shapes that gave a pleasant fit to the body, such as the women's tank top , long to below the waist and characterized by a comfortable neckline and medium straps. Or our classic women's briefs characterized by the elimination of the elastic waist for a feeling of unique lightness and comfort. And we wanted to focus on these two products and create something also suitable for those who are curvier.

From today the tank top is also available in size XXL to satisfy larger sizes such as 50 and 52 . Instead, we started from our classic briefs to create a new model, in addition to those already available: this is how we arrived at a midi style , with a more gathered leg and a higher waist, also in this case without elastic so as not to tighten and offer maximum comfort and obviously introducing an XXL size to satisfy even the curviest women. So you no longer have to worry about your curves. Every woman is perfect just the way she is and at CasaGIN we want to pay homage to every shape and size . Without ever forgetting to wear a dazzling and confident smile. Only in this way will we be truly ready to go out.

Dressing for a curvy figure should be fun and at CasaGIN we strive to make fashion enjoyable for every type of woman . There is no single way to dress your body and appearance varies based on shape and style, both of which are unique. Fabric and fit are key to creating the perfect wardrobe for a curvy body . Our garments suitable for larger or smaller sizes will adapt perfectly to best show every shape, without neglecting the well-being of the skin.

Here at CasaGIN the most important rule is to continue to be innovative, wear only what makes us feel good and continually explore new trends . Fashion is constantly evolving, which means every season offers new opportunities to discover what makes us look and feel incredibly good. Dressing should not just be an option but a feeling of positivity and well-being .

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